Friday, 24 February 2012

Chapter 1.5: Hank, meet your archnemesis…

   I’m sorry, you guys! I meant to put this up yesterday night after studying for PSYC midterm but then I ended up reading Pandora Hearts and spent the rest of the night sitting at my desk going, ‘WTF JUST HAPPENED’. Wow, that latest chapter. Really pulled a doozie on us, huh, Mochizuki >< She’s just playing us like monkeys or something with all her plot twists and feels.


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Chapter 1.4: Family Ties (?)

   Wow, I am a derp. The first few pictures of the update are my old, ‘only-adjust-brightness-and-contrast’ style and after that, I switch to using soft glow, which is MUCH BETTER. Many thanks to the lovely Fallon_Carter on the Sims 3 forums who kindly enlightened me on the existence of soft glow. Yes, I didn’t even know it existed. I admit, I was a Photoshop virgin before starting legacy stories.
   In other news, I’ve been featured on The Mare’s Nest! I don’t know whether to be pleased or not haha. I might have overreacted when I saw this because I was always afraid of being put on that site xD I can’t tell if they like me or hate me or think I’m crazy. But I guess it’s thanks to them that I was spurned into asking around for Photoshop help, and I met some marvellous people when I was freaking out on the forums. So, it’s almost like a blessing.


Monday, 20 February 2012

Quick clarification, guys

This may be a story, but in its true essence, it's supposed to be a legacy.
Things move fast, Sims get knocked up two days after they meet a Sim, so on and so forth. 
The reason it's a story is because when I write observational style legacies, I tend not to give my Sims personalities by accident and that's never fun. 
So, if it seems like my Sims are getting knocked up seemingly two days after they meet someone, it's because when I play, I play with a legacy mindset.
Thank you for your time. I just wanted to clear some things up in case they thought I just like getting my Sims knocked up or something :P

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Chapter 1.3: Goodbyes and New Beginnings

   I debated on whether or not to separate updates into one 1.3 for the human legacy and another 1.3 for the unicorns. Then I thought that was a bit of a silly idea and so the two legacies are still merged into one chapter, though I’ll try to separate them a bit more nicely.
   Also, I only recently discovered the amazing ability to expand the width of the blog and so the past posts are a little behind; the pictures are still 500x280 as opposed to the 700x392 it is now. I’ll eventually go back and fix that so all the posts look nice.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Thunder and his herd

 As you can probably tell from last update, I have decided to start a unicorn legacy at the side. The reason I chose unicorns and not any other animal is because
1) I like unicorns
2) Due to the graphics card on my laptop, animals with thick fur come out looking very strange. The only animal for sure that won't have this problem is a horse
 When writing the story, stuff about the unicorns are in purple. 

Chapter 1.2: Backstreet Symphony

(There is no music of any sort in this chapter. The title is from the first album of the English band Thunder. There’s no significance in the ‘Backstreet Symphony’ part but there is significance in the Thunder part. I’m not really a fan of hard rock but I wanted some sort of Thunder reference and that was the first thing my sister told me)

Chapter 1.1: Culture Shock

   (Did you guys know that ‘Hmm…I’ll play Sims for two hours, and then spend the rest of the afternoon studying for ARCH midterm, and then work on the Cake Island neighbourhood some more’ actually translates to ‘I’ll spend the whole day playing Sims and then regret wasting reading break on lounging about the house when I should have studied for a midterm’?)
   This chapter is a little on the sleazy side. Because Hank Goddard is in it and my image of him is a sleazy guy xD

Friday, 17 February 2012

Prologue One: A Fool’s Journey

   The town of Cake Island (Rflong7) is a peaceful land, with very little conflicts and crime due to the cheerful and sweet nature of the environment. It is said that only outsiders with a pure heart and kind intentions could reach the Island and for hundreds of years, no travellers have ever reached the sponge cake shores. The islanders have never found fault with their beautiful island and it was unheard of a Cake Island citizen to ever want to leave the isle.

   Until now.

Hitting the restart switch

Originally, the Summers legacy was to begin in Sunset Valley and spoke of a young girl from Cake Island who foolishly left the peaceful pastry lands without thinking of any consequences. This was because I hadn't finished populating or furnishing Cake Island yet.
Then I finished that faster than expected.
So I redid the whole legacy, made a new basic skeleton format and started over. So I hit the restart switch.