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Chapter 1.3: Goodbyes and New Beginnings

   I debated on whether or not to separate updates into one 1.3 for the human legacy and another 1.3 for the unicorns. Then I thought that was a bit of a silly idea and so the two legacies are still merged into one chapter, though I’ll try to separate them a bit more nicely.
   Also, I only recently discovered the amazing ability to expand the width of the blog and so the past posts are a little behind; the pictures are still 500x280 as opposed to the 700x392 it is now. I’ll eventually go back and fix that so all the posts look nice.

   Cycl0n3 took to inviting himself over whenever he had spare time to help Bryony take care of the babies. He was a great help and Bryony was honestly quite glad to have him around to help take care of the triplets so she could rest up; lately, her job performance had been dropping due to the lack of sleep and food from having to alternate between feeding the toddlers and teaching them life skills.
   “So how are you holding up?” Cycl0n3 asked as he prepared to head off to work. “You don’t look too good.”
   “I’m doing fine,” Bryony replied, waving off his concerns. “It’s just that the toddlers have been running me a little thin these days, but I’m sure it’ll get better once they grow up.”
   “You know, maybe you should consider asking Hank for some more child support money. $300 doesn’t seem enough for you and the three girls. Take some time off work too!”
   “No, no, I can’t do that!” exclaimed Bryony. “They’re my kids and I want to be the ones to take care of them. I can earn the money no problem!”

   “Well, okay…” Cycl0n3 muttered, pushing up his sunglasses as he gazed worriedly at his friend. “Just make sure you tell Hank when it’s getting too tough for you. He should take responsibility for those three girls too! They need a father, not just a faceless man dishing out money for them.”
   Bryony nodded and thanked Cycl0n3 for his help and advice. She didn’t think that it would be as difficult as Cycl0n3 said to take care of three girls by herself. After all, she could provide all that they needed with her salary!

   Bryony and Hank still kept in contact with each other through the phone. Every night they would call each other and keep the other updated on what they were doing. Bryony often tried dropping hints that she was interested in something a little more to their relationship but Hank either didn’t notice or ignored her subtlety.
   “Well, just yesterday at the police department, there was a bit of a scuffle.” Hank was saying. “Turns out that one of the crooks we busted the other night has some family on the force and there was a big family argument. You should have been there, Bry. It was like watching two tigers just go at it! So, enough from me. How are the girls?”
   “Oh, you should see them!” Bryony started excitedly, eager to talk about her precious daughters. “Just the other day, I think Clementine called me ‘mommy’! She’s so smart, Hank, I really have high expectations for Clementine. I’m a little worried about Nyra and Azalea though. They never seem to want to play with me or near each other. Nyra, for one, is always with that strange doll Frodo that your cousin Eugenia sent instead of playing on the dollhouse with Clementine. Azalea’s a whole other story! She almost never seems to enjoy herself unless she’s chewing on one of the dolls’ heads or chewing on Frodo or bashing her toys while imitating a dinosaur! Are all the children in Sunset Valley supposed to behave this way?”
   Hank laughed heartily and Bryony frowned at him. She was genuinely concerned for her children! How could he laugh at a time like this?
   “Don’t worry, Bry. That’s just toddlers being toddlers. Don’t you fret. They’ll turn into fine young girls if they have you as a mother.”

   Bryony decided to start teaching the toddlers how to walk one weekend morning and started from Nyra. It seemed that Nyra preferred to wake up earlier and sleep later in order to spend more time playing with Frodo, whereas Clementine and Azalea woke and slept whenever they pleased.

   “Rawr, rawr!”
   Bryony turned around whilst teaching Nyra how to balance herself properly when she heard her youngest daughter’s imitation of a wild animal. Having been raised in the peaceful Cake Island, Bryony was much more used to seeing children play with doughnut-shaped cushions and pretending to make mud patties outside. It was a little strange to see Azalea, with all her Cake Islander genes, pretending to be a ferociously monstrous beast and chewing the head off of an innocent doll.
   Well, if Hank assured her that this was supposedly normal Mainland children behaviour, then Azalea’s behaviour was probably nothing out of the ordinary.

   No matter how hard Bryony tried to take care of her children’s needs while entertaining them at the same time, she was still one person and there were three of them. There were always a few hours each day when at least one of the girls ended up being neglected and today it was Azalea’s turn. Bryony was intent on getting Nyra to learn how to walk that day and tried her best to tune out Azalea’s screaming cries and the distinct smell of a soiled diaper.

   “There, all better now.”
   Bryony had finally managed to teach Nyra the basics of walking and standing and as Nyra padded around the room, looking around in amazement, Bryony changed Azalea’s diaper for her in the washroom. Without a sign of acknowledgment or thanks, Azalea crawled out of the room to continue playing.
   With a shrug, Bryony decided to teach Clementine how to walk to. As expected from Bryony’s brightest daughter, Clementine soaked up the information much faster than Nyra did.

   Between taking care of the triplets while making sure they were prepared for the next stage in life, Bryony’s day passed by uneventfully and rapidly. By the time she had finished making sure the girls were happy and having fun, the day was practically over. Bryony barely even had time to finish her meal and wash the dishes before stumbling off to bed, falling asleep almost the moment she hit the mattress.

   On mornings when the girls were all still asleep though, Bryony liked to relax by playing with her bonded unicorn Thunder, who returned the joyful sentiment. The two of them didn’t have much time for each other lately, with Bryony taking care of the toddlers and Thunder having to care for his own family, and so they treasured the time they had together.

   Unfortunately, Bryony’s joy at spending time with Thunder was cut short when she heard a familiar wailing from inside the house.
   Bryony sighed. Nyra must have woken up and had become lonely inside the house, surrounded only  by her sleeping sisters. Giving Thunder a quick rub on the neck, Bryony hurried inside to start another hectic weekend day.

   Clementine, as the oldest and most mature of the Summers triplets, rarely seemed amused or impressed by her younger siblings’ antics. In all of Bryony’s knowledge, she had never seen Clementine do anything very toddler-like when compared to Azalea and Nyra.
   “Look, ‘Tine!” Nyra shrieked, displaying a booger she had picked (a habit that Bryony was desperately trying to break her of). “Boogie!”
   Clementine didn’t even deem Nyra’s proclamation worthy of a response.

   The next day was Monday, which meant that Bryony needed to head off to the hospital for work. She looked worriedly behind her shoulder at the toddlers inside. She hadn’t had time to feed Clementine, nor change Nyra’s diaper. Heck, Azalea was still rolling about in her crib, but the carpool was honking his horn impatiently, and so Bryony only hoped that the babysitter would take it upon himself to take care of the children while Bryony went to work.

   Bryony had not been in Sunset Valley long enough to realize that most of the babysitters offering their services around town usually weren’t the best at their jobs and it would have been a wiser choice to phone up Pauline or Jamie Jolina to help take care of the toddlers while she was out.

   “Hey, Summers! You’re the new paramedic, right?”
   Bryony turned to see one of the doctors waving at her from one of the clinic rooms.
   “I need you to go down to the graveyard to help vaccinate some of the Sims in the neighbourhood.” The doctor explained rapidly while handing Bryony a small box full of syringes. “It’s an easy job; you know how to use a syringe right? It’s going to be your first vaccination clinic, so make sure you keep a bright smile on your face! It helps settle the patients’ nerves. Now go get ‘em, girl!”
   And without looking back, he went off again, leaving Bryony worriedly looking at the syringes. But it was a very important job and Bryony knew she had to do it. It turned out to be an easier job than expected. Luckily most of the Sims needing vaccinations that day were of the brave variety and silently endured the pain of the thick needle. Bryony wasn’t sure she could have handled anyone screaming or crying, so this was quite a stroke of good fortune!

   That night, Bryony decided she needed to train the now-adult daughter of Thunder and Milly, Heartwood. After much persuasion and coaxing, she managed to convince Heartwood to be saddled and she was just about to start training Heartwood to accept riders when she remembered something important.
   It was her daughters’ birthdays!
   She hurried back in but it was already too late.

   The girls had to grow up by themselves in the dark entrance hall.

   Clementine Summers grew up to be quite a lovely young girl. It was surprisingly easy to see Hank in certain features of her face. Nonetheless, Bryony thought she was a beautiful child and was excited to see that Clementine decided to keep her long hair in the elegant side-braid. Clementine became quite a virtuoso and loved to sing and hum. Like Bryony had suspected, Clementine had quite a bright future ahead of her.

   Perhaps influenced by her older sister, Nyra began to keep her hair in twin braids. She was quite a disciplined child and was the most well-mannered of her sisters, a fact that greatly pleased Bryony. Bryony couldn’t see any of herself in Nyra’s features without looking very closely; her middle child was the one that resembled her father the most.

   It was with Azalea that Bryony started to wonder where she had went wrong. Instead of growing out of her destructive, diabolic phase like Hank had assured her, Azalea’s antics and words had started developing a harsher, meaner edge to it. She did not often speak ill of her sisters to their faces and the three seemed to get along quite well at the moment, though Bryony wasn’t quite sure how long this would last.

   The three girls hardly had the energy to do anything after their birthdays that they immediately fell asleep on their individual beds. Having started work on a living room area, the money had fallen into financial crisis once more and it was really thanks to all the child support Hank had been sending the family, as well as selling the triplets’ old baby supplies that they were able to sleep on beds instead of having to all share one bed.
   Bryony was quite proud of her girls: they were all beautiful, happy and healthy. Seeing them had quelled any doubts in her heart about her mothering skills, which perhaps was not the best thing to happen….

And now for what the herd had been up to this update…

   Having safely moved in his mate and child, Thunder and Milly got busy with trying to produce another foal. Thunder was eager to start spreading his genes around town and seeing his owner so happy and fulfilled with her three daughters had gotten Thunder longing for more children of his own. Thankfully, Milly was very understanding and accommodating of this.

   Heartwood, still just a foal, disliked being away from Milly for too long but she also yearned to explore her new home. She met one of the children of her new master playing outside and sniffed her curiously, while she looked up at him with wide, astonished eyes. Heartwood learned later that the human child was called Nyra, and was one of Bryony’s daughters.

   Heartwood really liked Bryony and was pleased that they had moved from the Landgraab house to the Summers house. At the Landgraabs, they never seemed to treat Heartwood like family or even as a pet, deciding she was more or less something to showcase or exhibit. It was Heartwood’s first time being petted in a loving way and she understood why her father had chosen to take Bryony as his bonded human.

   With Heartwood living with them now, the box stall had gotten too small for all three horses to live in. Therefore, Bryony managed to buy them a new box stall from the flea market nearby. Heartwood, uncomfortable without Milly nearby, decided to sleep in the same stall as Milly, who got nervous and jumpy whenever Heartwood was out of her sight. Thunder understood and preferred to sleep alone in the stall next to them.

Screenshot-98Screenshot-99        Screenshot-100 
   Playing with the new toy they got him was Thunder’s favourite way to spend the time.

   It was soon time for Heartwood to grow up into an adult.

   Perfect timing too!
   The day that Heartwood matured also happened to be the same day her mother gave birth to Bardiche, her younger brother. It must have been a tiring experience for Bardiche though; he was moret tired than Milly! Thunder and Heartwood left Milly alone so she could tend to Bardiche.

   Whenever Thunder and Milly were grazing or sleeping, Heartwood bonded with her younger brother.
   “You have to roll in the leaves when autumn comes along, Bardiche.” Heartwood said excitedly. “It’s really fun and comfortable. Plus, it helps get out all the pesky itches!”
   “Thanks, Heartwood, I’ll pass. What if rodents were hiding in the leaves? That’ll be dangerous!”
   “Don’t worry, Bardiche. I always check before rolling and there’s never anything in the piles!”
   But Bardiche continued on lecturing Heartwood about caring for the small and the weak. It looks like Heartwood’s bonding session with her brother didn’t turn out as she had hoped it would.

   Thanks to the fact Bryony was always busy at work or taking care of her own children, she rarely visited the unicorns nowadays. One night though, Heartwood was greeted by Bryony when she woke up in the morning and was given a few carrots to apologize for not taking care of them lately.
   “No, it’s okay,” Heartwood nickered, but unfortunately, Bryony didn’t seem to understand horse language.

   She even bottle-fed Bardiche while Milly was asleep and there was a new tenderness to the way she gave Bardiche his milk that wasn’t there before. It looks like Bryony was getting plenty of mothering practice thanks to her own children.

   Unlike her mate and children, Milly was but a normal horse and she aged at a much faster rate than the rest of the herd. To the distress of Thunder, Heartwood and Bardiche, Milly began showing signs of age and slowing down, unable to keep up with the rest of the herd when galloping around for exercise.

   Bardiche had grown up into a strong, handsome stallion and was the pride of his family. Although Thunder offered Bardiche the position of herd alpha once Thunder retired from the position, Bardiche refused and decided that he would in fact leave the Summers herd, to the shock of his family. He decided he would return to the mystical forests and become a protector of the weak. His strong sense of justice had always been slightly abnormal in his youth and with the rise of his unicorn powers, it seemed to have strengthened his resolve.

   Although his family was sad to see him go, they knew that he would not be convinced otherwise and were rather proud that he had found his true path and calling so early in his life. They wished him goodbye and good fortune and watched as he teleported out of sight. With Milly no longer able to produce offspring and Thunder not interested in choosing another mate, Heartwood, despite her gender, was named as the future Summers alpha, to her great delight. She couldn’t wait until she was given a bonded human from the Summers family!


  1. Lovely Legacy <333. I think Azalea is so cute, and I am left to wonder if she'll be left as the heir for the next gen. As for the horsies/unicorns it was a real shame to see poor Milly age off, I forgot unicorns aged up slower. And I Heartwood will lead the herd nicely, and hopefully more unicorns will be added into the mix for a variety of genetics! Please keep posting more, I love the idea of having a Unicorn Legacy part-time. ^^.

    1. Thank you <33 Yesh, Azalea and Clementine are super cute! The next generation (The Magician) works for only Azalea or Clementine, so spoiler alert, there's no chance of Nyra becoming heir.