Friday, 17 February 2012

Prologue One: A Fool’s Journey

   The town of Cake Island (Rflong7) is a peaceful land, with very little conflicts and crime due to the cheerful and sweet nature of the environment. It is said that only outsiders with a pure heart and kind intentions could reach the Island and for hundreds of years, no travellers have ever reached the sponge cake shores. The islanders have never found fault with their beautiful island and it was unheard of a Cake Island citizen to ever want to leave the isle.

   Until now.

   “You want to what?
   Bryony Summers had been getting her hair done at the local salon when she said to her hairdresser that she planned on leaving Cake Island to the mainland.
   “I’m going to leave Cake Island and travel to the mainland.” Bryony repeated calmly. “I’ve done some reading at the library and according to research, the mainland Sims are not that much different than us.”
   “Bryony, those library books haven’t been updated in years,” the hairdresser pointed out. “For all you know, the mainland Sims are…are… CANNIBALS or all murderers or…”
   Bryony laughed lightly. “Oh, don’t worry! You’re overthinking it. I’ve already packed my bags and I’m planning on leaving today. I’ve asked the mayor and he prepared for me a boat.”

   “You’re really serious about this, aren’t you?” the hairdresser asked, scrutinizing Bryony, who nodded firmly.
   “I’ve never been surer of anything else in my life.”
   “I just hope you don’t get fed up with mainland life; it’ll be too late to regret your decision once you’re off the Island. No one knows the way back from the mainland, you know.”
   Bryony Summers, aside from her occasionally odd way of thinking and unpopular opinions, had been known as an outcast of Cake Island for a while. She was also often starting projects or running off with ideas and then getting tired of them a very short time after. The young woman was probably the most spontaneous and childish adult on the whole Island, which was saying a lot considering the whole town is built on a giant floating cake.
   “Have you told the Rosethorns?” the hairdresser asked after a length, knowing that nothing could be done to dissuade Bryony. The Rosethorns were a set of twins that Bryony knew since her school years and she was currently lodging with them.
   “No, I’m planning on telling them tonight.” Bryony let out a sigh. “I just hope they don’t kill me.”

   “Thistle, May, I’m planning on leaving Cake Island.”
  Bryony held her breath and waited for the inevitable explosion. To her surprise, it wasn’t the hot-headed Thistle who said anything (as she was too shocked to even blink) but the usually mild-mannered May.
   “Nuh-uh, Bryony! I can’t believe I’m even hearing this! Thistle, say something!”
   It must have been a big shock for May to seek help from Thistle, as the sisters’ strong hatred of each other was famous in Cake Island.
   “Why would you leave Cake Island? Where would you even go?” Thistle managed at last, glaring up at Bryony.
   “The mayor gave me a boat,” Bryony explained, getting more and more excited with each word despite the Rosethorn sisters glaring at her. “I read about a really beautiful town called Sunset Valley on the mainland and that’s where I’m planning to go!”
   “How do you plan on getting back then, missy? No one knows the way to Cake Island from outside of it and I doubt those mainlanders know anything about our town.” May argued heatedly.
   “I don’t plan on coming back.” Bryony replied. “I’m leaving tonight too, by the way. It’s been great hanging with you guys; I’ll miss you two.”
   May and Thistle exchanged a quick glance and both sighed. They were much closer to Bryony than the hairdresser and they both knew that once Bryony had her mind set on a task, she wouldn’t stop until she tried it. Unfortunately this time Bryony didn’t seem to understand just how major the consequences were of leaving Cake Island.

   And so, Bryony Summers accomplished what no one had ever done in all of Cake Island’s history.
   She packed several changes of clothes and some other necessities before boarding the wooden boat that the mayor had gave to her, and set sail toward the mysterious land of Sunset Valley, never once looking back to wave goodbye to the gigantic sponge cake sticking out of the sea.


  1. I love it! A giant floating cake! Sounds like somewhere I'd go. xD

    1. I know right! I'm more surprised it still floats; you'd figure that the people living on it would just eat the island instead of cooking