Monday, 19 March 2012

Oops, awkward!

  Recent developments in the story has Bryony researching ways to return to the custom neighbourhood of 'Patisseria', which is actually just Rflong7's Cake Island. Which is really funny, because in my story, it's actually called...Cake Island. 
   It's funny because the original first prologue that I scrapped, I didn't call Cake Island 'Cake Island' but instead called it Patisseria. And then I scrapped that prologue and wrote the new prologue that is the prologue now, where the Island is called 'Cake Island'. Talk about embarrassing! Unfortunately, I didn't notice until today. 
   In other news, something I've noticed while frolicking around Sims communities is that most stories, like mine, focus around the drama and whatnot that we put our Sims through. But I was watching sitcoms like Modern Family and Arrested Development the other day and I thought, 'why not?'. Why DON'T I make each chapter like, one little event like a bake sale or something really normal? I'll try it out in Azalea's generation and see if it goes well.
   If it does, in fact, goes well and my story/legacy turns into like, sitcom on paper, then hooray for me! I don't have to sit at my desk poring over a story and getting details and whatnot right. 

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