Monday, 30 July 2012

Please spread the word!

Hello, fellow Simmers, today I am posting to spread the word of a stray dog that I saw yesterday night at Zhongxiao Dunhua (Taiwan). I don't know how many of you live in Taiwan but judging from my traffic sources, there's at least 10 of you guys. 
It is a black dog and is a mix; I'm not an expert but I would say it's an airedale/poodle kind of mix because of its curly fur and terrier looks. It's a puppy, I think, because it's fairly small and very energetic, friendly and people-loving, which all lead me to think it's more an abandoned or lost dog. 
I am unable to adopt it because I'm going back to Canada soon and my family here is not a fan of dogs; I can't take it back with me because I have a dog in Canada that doesn't play well with other dogs. I don't have the funds, means, or capability of taking care of another dog.
It's sad that Taiwan is so uncaring of its animals, especially stray dogs and cats, and I would love to raise awareness if I could, but I don't have the means, and no one would listen to someone who's not even a true citizen. If you see the dog I am describing, or any other type of stray in Taiwan, please try and take it to the shelter. 
I was unable to take the Zhongxiao Dunhua dog to the shelter because it wouldn't go near me for some reason, and I didn't want to chase it down because I was worried it would run out onto the streets and get hit by a car. 
I was going to look for it today but taking it to a shelter in Taiwan would only mean it might get euthanized considering Taiwan has very few no-kill shelters (the only one I know of is literally two cities away; much too far for me to go with a dog that's not even mine) and dogs at shelters only have 12 days. 
Please spread the word of not only this dog, but of the plight of all stray animals in Taiwan. I know we Taiwanese like to think we're more civilized than the Chinese, but really when it comes down to it, we're not all that different in how we treat the animal population. 

Friday, 27 July 2012

Chapter 2.3: The One With The Doomsday Machine

   HI! OLYMPICS! I’m in Taiwan right now, and I’m sad to say that there are no good channels for watching the Olympics, and I want to cheer for Team Canada, and not Team China or whatever team Taiwan will be focused on . So I constantly have BBC and CBC open now, which means that I can’t have my Tom Hardy movie marathon yet.
   Also, The Dark Knight Rises was so magnificent. But I watched it in Taiwan, where no one freaking cheers or claps or anything. It’s a freaking boring movie theatre, and a boring audience. I was the only one who gasped or made any sort of reaction during the PLOT TWISTS.
   On a Summers-related note, I’m slowly increasing the length of each update and cutting out more and more unwanted pictures. I just feel like people will be intimidated by the size of each generation, but now I’m worried people who be intimidated by the size of each update! Well, never fear. It’s just the pictures taking up a lot of space on each page and there’s actually not that much reading.


What is going on

   Every time I look through my traffic sources, I’m always really perplexed by two particular websites that constantly sprout up. One is a Russian search engine, and the other is a site selling cigarettes at airports or something. It’s odd because 1) I looked up all variants of the Summers Tarot Legacy using the Russian search engine to satisfy my curiosity, and nothing comes up, and 2) there is no link on the cigarette site to my blog, and I haven’t mentioned smoking or airports at all in any of my updates.
   It’s weird and strange. And I want to yell ‘U OK?’ to anyone who has accessed my blog from these two sources because obviously, whatever they were looking for isn’t this. Like, imagine if you’re wanting to buy some Marlboro for your airport or something, and then you find yourself at this pink monstrosity of a site.
   But really, my reaction every time I see those two URLs?



   On a less WTF note, are the chapter lengths okay? Each gen is kind of long, but that’s only because I don’t want to bore you guys with updates that are way too long, in case some readers are intimidated. I have decided on an heir/storyline I really really like, but I won’t tell you guys until it’s time to pick! So if you have a favourite, tell me!
   By the way, in my game I have sent Riley off to boarding school and I don’t intend for him to really ever come back to the main plot. It’s not that I don’t like playing male Sims, but it’s more that the High Priestess card is a very feminine card, which means the heir is going to be another girl, and so Riley doesn’t have a chance at being heir, like at all, so I sent him away to focus on the actual potential heirs. So, yeah, if Riley was your favourite for like, the two seconds he was featured in the story, that’s tough.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Chapter 2.2: The One With The Pyromaniac Unicorn

   You might have noticed during previous updates that I was debating between all of the fonts I have when using them in my pictures. I’m pleased to announce I have decided on TWO PARTICULAR FONTS THAT LOOK SPECTACULAR AND ARE QUITE EASY TO READ. Names of Sims will be MTF Cupcake, while traits and whatnot will be MTF Epic. I noticed after all the pics have been made that I still need to put a shadow border around the MTF Epic but other than that, it’s fine. I only chose MTF Cupcake because I like the little cupcake picture and since our founder is from an island made of cake, the Summers logo really should be a pastry of some sort. Or a unicorn. Or a unicorn with a doughnut on its horn. Something involving pastries and unicorns, that’s for sure.


Sunday, 22 July 2012

Download the Major Arcana Summers!

Please read through the policy in the Downloads page before taking one of my Sims :)
These are the Summers sims from Generation 1 through 22.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Chapter 2.1: The One With The Candy-Stealing

   And now we enter Generation 2! How will Azalea bring honour to the family? Will she join the Chinese army and defeat the Huns? Or will she capture the Avatar?
   I started watching Arcana Famiglia and Luca is my favourite character right now. He’s just so cute! Aaahhh! I’m not going to lie the only reason I even wanted to watch the show was because of Nakamura, Sugita, Noto and Yonaga. I fell in love with Yonaga during Xillia; like, I watched Oofuri and I know he’s the main character in that, but he was just so…whiny? I don’t know, his character just got on my nerves a lot in that show hahaha.

Jesus Stanley you suck

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Fool: Bryony Summers

   I was originally going to wait until Bryony’s death until writing up the endthoughts/interpretation but with Azalea and Clementine’s wedding, I wrapped up Bryony’s storyline, and felt that it was best to write it up while I still remember.

Bryony's Picture

   The Fool card is a card of new beginnings and innocence; Bryony left the peaceful Cake Island to explore the unfamiliar mainland of Sunset Valley, despite various warnings from her neighbours and friends. On Cake Island, there was not much strife and danger, so Bryony was quite unprepared for the dark side of human nature, which was Hank Goddard. Considering no research had been done on the world outside of Cake Island, Bryony was unprepared for life in Sunset Valley at first, with no funds and barely any knowledge of social norms, which symbolized the reverse Fool card. The Fool represents uncertainty and instability when it pops up in a relationship reading; Bryony and Hank’s relationship was the perfect representation of this in the beginning, until Bryony smartened up. Near the end of her story, Bryony had to choose whether she wanted to stay in Sunset Valley with her children, or return home to Cake Island where it was familiar. It was a tough choice and in the end, she listened to her heart’s desire of wanting to be with her family, and stayed. The Fool card urges you to listen to your heart in the face of a tough decision as well.
   At first, I was planning on the tough decision to be whether she should get back with Hank or not, but that seemed OOC and I didn’t want Hank in the family. Because I hate him. And he was in a relationship with like, everyone in town. Bryony’s recklessness and impulsiveness when it came to rushing into things with Hank, as well as leaving Cake Island in the first place, is also part of the reverse Fool.

   I never planned for the unicorn legacy; I saw a unicorn, thought ‘wow, I’ve never played a unicorn before’ and cheated it into the family. After Bryony’s death, I was planning on sending Thunder back to the wild. But then he was just so fun and unicorn powers are quite useful from time to time, that I decided to start a unicorn legacy. The whole ‘Bonded’ idea was taken from the Unicorns of Balinor series, which was my favourite unicorn series back in elementary school. I’ve always wanted to do a pet legacy but my Radeon graphics card can’t process cats and dogs very well, especially when they’re really furry, and the only animal it can do consistently is horses. Also, Bonded unicorns will get sent back to the wild upon their master’s death. Another reason I am using unicorns is because they have a longer lifespan and I don’t like to deal with pet deaths, even when it’s just in The Sims.

Chapter 1.9: The One With Otacon

   First off, I would like to sincerely apologize about the fact that this chapter was quite rushed when I played it in-game. My game was lagging like crazy and I wanted to hurry onto Generation 2. I also wanted to tie up the loose ends in each character’s story after I finished up Clementine’s last update. But this is finally the last update of Generation 1! I’ll be putting up endthoughts soon, as well as Chapter 2.1, so stay tuned!
   In case you can’t tell from my title picture’s subtitle, I have been rewatching all of YGOTAS, which is probably my favourite webseries in the entire world.


Sunday, 15 July 2012

Chapter 1.8: The One With The Flash In The Kitchen

   Wow, holy crap, I totally forgot that this story is supposed to go on for like 78 generations. I’ve already met a bet with my sister that by the time I reach generation 5, I’ll be completely burnt out from storytelling and my legacy will disintegrate into babbling and horrible jokes and cultural references and it shall be horrible! If you want an example of that, check out the Himmel Zodiac Legacy because that is like, the epitome of my documentary-style legacies.
   Quick question you guys: Is the text hard to read? I’ll be changing the colour to black so it pops out more, but do you want me to double-space or keep the single-space? I’m used to single spacing, but I’m worried it’s hard to read in a block of text. Tell me your opinion please either in the comments or on the forums.

   In case you haven’t noticed, I love to blabber. I’ll shut up now and let you enjoy the chapter.


(Season 1, Episode 8: The One With The Flash In The Kitchen)

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Chapter 1.7: The One Where Hank Is The Best Dad Ever

   Okay, Story Progression made Jamal and Bella date, as well as Jamal asking Bella to prom, even though Clementine asked first. So there was this whole like, plot thing designed around that and I was so excited. Then I forgot and stopped playing forever and when I restarted, I was like, ‘THIS HOUSE IS A DISASTER WHAT AM I DOING’ but the stairs glitched so I had to move them off the lot and then move them back on, so it completely deleted all the relationships in their panel, so I cheated the girls back to their respective partners, which means that Jamal is dating Clementine and not Bella. And that destroyed my Jamal/Bella/Clementine love triangle.    
   Also I really like Friends, so I’ve decided to title my chapters in a way similar to them.

( Season 1, Episode 7: The One With The Hank Goddard, Father Of The Year)