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Chapter 1.7: The One Where Hank Is The Best Dad Ever

   Okay, Story Progression made Jamal and Bella date, as well as Jamal asking Bella to prom, even though Clementine asked first. So there was this whole like, plot thing designed around that and I was so excited. Then I forgot and stopped playing forever and when I restarted, I was like, ‘THIS HOUSE IS A DISASTER WHAT AM I DOING’ but the stairs glitched so I had to move them off the lot and then move them back on, so it completely deleted all the relationships in their panel, so I cheated the girls back to their respective partners, which means that Jamal is dating Clementine and not Bella. And that destroyed my Jamal/Bella/Clementine love triangle.    
   Also I really like Friends, so I’ve decided to title my chapters in a way similar to them.

( Season 1, Episode 7: The One With The Hank Goddard, Father Of The Year)

   With prom fast approaching, the girls’ classmates were excitedly talking amongst each other about what clothes they were going to wear, who they wanted to go with, and so on and so forth. Although the three sisters had an unspoken agreement they would attend prom together, Clementine accepted the her classmate Jamal Keaton’s invitation. Azalea, not wanting to show up without a date now that Clementine has one, decides to ask her friend Stanley Bachelor.

    “Azalea, what’s up?”
   Azalea had called up Stanley for a homework session the next night and as he was leaving, Azalea stopped him by grabbing his arm.
   “I was wondering if you wanted to go to prom with me?” Azalea asked with a smile.
   “Oh,” Stanley looked down with a blush on his face; Azalea managed to cover up her sudden nervousness without changing expression. What if Stanley already had a date? How embarrassing would that be! Azalea had thought she had been pretty obvious about the fact she had a crush on Stanley, but maybe he didn’t notice?
   After what felt like an eternity but really was only several seconds, Stanley smiled and said, “Yes, of course! I would love to go to prom with you!”
   Azalea squealed with delight and gave him a quick hug. They were still going as friends, really, but it was a big step forward in their relationship.

   Although she wasn’t too pleased about it, Azalea did thank Clementine for helping her grab a chance at getting with Stanley, even if Clementine didn’t mean to. She decided to make macaroni for the family after school, since she remembered Clementine complaining to Nyra about how she was sick of eating cake for every meal.
   She was worried about her burning the food (since the only experience she had with cooking was baking cupcakes when she was a child) but to her delighted surprise, the macaroni turned out splendidly. She remembered Stanley complimenting her on her cooking talent several months ago, and briefly entertained the thought of joining the culinary track. She erased the thought quickly; she wanted to get revenge on Hank for what he did to her family and she would need to join the local crime syndicate in order to start her plan.

   Now that the girls were basically independent and could survive without Bryony constantly by their side, she became more relaxed about constantly being called back to the hospital for medical emergencies, or taking over the shifts of people who couldn’t go. She was spending more and more time at work, but also gaining more and more money, which was always welcome.
   On nights she might be called in, Bryony plunged herself into researching Patisseria using books from the local library. Despite Bryony and her family being living proof of Patisseria’s existence, most scientists still claimed that it is but a myth, and that it is scientifically impossible for a cake to not only float, but serve as liveable terrain. Bryony closed the book with a sigh and leaned back on the couch. Was there no way for her to go back home?

   Of course, life wasn’t always research and work for her.
  On her days off, she liked to take care of the unicorns, spy on her neighbours using her telescope, and lounge about the house. Watching her daughters work and run around was always something that filled her chest with warmth, and she supposed that she had Hank to thank for her happiness. She loved all three of her girls dearly.
   She didn’t suppose that they would want to leave their home to go to Patisseria even if Bryony went, and that was what really caused Bryony to brood about her decision. Did she want to return to Patisseria and leave her children behind, or did she want to stay on the mainland with them?

   With all the money saved up from the family’s various jobs, they managed to completely remodel their house, though they decided to stay on the same lot. Although there was enough room in the house for each girl to get their own bedroom, they were so used to sleeping in the same room that they felt rather uneasy when apart. It was quite touching, in Bryony’s personal opinion.

   Nyra decided to break in the new kitchen and made some macaroni for the family. She figured it wouldn’t be too hard; she had spent practically her entire life watching Azalea dish out perfectly heavenly bowls of pasta, and, going by memory, she began to make dinner for the family.

   Unfortunately for Nyra, everyone was much more interested in some leftover autumn salad Azalea had made a while back for her macaroni during dinner, and so they placed the bowl in the fridge for breakfast the next day.
   “Ugh, what is this?” Azalea coughed after taking a bite. Nyra hadn’t mentioned she had been the one who cooked and had been eagerly waiting for her sisters’ reaction. Sadly, they weren’t very positive. “This is a really gross bowl of macaroni. It’s way too soggy and it tastes sort of bland.”
   Clementine, who had managed to finish her entire share, looked up as well; she had a mildly uncomfortable expression on her face. “Yeah, really, I wonder what happened to Mom? Normally she cooks better than this.”
   Not wanting to call attention to herself, Nyra muttered a half-hearted agreement and stood up to wash her bowls. She then vowed never to set foot in the kitchen again while living with her sisters.

   Bryony decided to buy a treadmill for the family and Azalea absolutely loved it. While she had liked going to the gym and meeting new people, it certainly was much faster and more convenient if there was an exercise machine at home. She spent practically all her free time either exercising or calling Stanley.

   With Azalea hogging the treadmill, Clementine decided to occupy herself with the new television, exercising while watching the fitness channel. This was a source of much annoyance amongst the rest of the family, who wanted to watch something more interesting than Clementine’s workouts. (A/N: No, seriously, every time I take my eyes off of Clementine and she’s got no action queued up, I eventually find her in front of the TV exercising. Even when the treadmill is free.)
   “Gosh, Clementine, stop hogging the TV!” Azalea had complained quite early on. “Iron Man is going to be on HBO tonight and I want to watch it!”
   “Get in line,” muttered Nyra, passing through the living room with Frodo clutched under her arm. “I wanted to watch Teen Wolf yesterday and Clementine just ignored me. It’s like the TV turned her brain to mush.”

   Meanwhile, at the hospital, Bryony decided that 3 in the morning right after her shift would be a perfect time to age into an adult. Sadly, as it was 3 in the morning, no one was around except for a townie.

   Since Clementine was so busy with work, school, preparing for prom, exercising, and making sure nobody else in the house got to use the TV, she never had the chance to drop by the Goddard household. She decided instead to call first so she wouldn’t drop by unannounced; it took a little bit of time looking around in the yellow pages but she finally obtained Hank’s number.
   “Hello? This is Hank Goddard.”
   “Hi, uh, Mr. Goddard? My name is Clementine Summers and –“
   “Oh, my daughter, right?” Hank didn’t sound very happy but Clementine was way too overjoyed to let that get her down.
   “Yes! I’m your daughter and I would love to meet you! Is it okay if I drop by your house one day?”
   There was a pause on the other line but Clementine waited patiently. Finally, sounding rather resigned, Hank agreed. The two set up a time and Clementine assured Hank that she could find the way to his house by herself. It was so exciting. Clementine was finally going to meet her father!

   Meanwhile, Nyra, who didn’t have to do anything except homework and fish after school, loved to relax and lounge about the house. With Bryony making more and more money at her job after a recent promotion to gene therapist, and Nyra making over $350 each day with her catches, the Summers family had enough money for them to live relatively comfortably without the constant pressure of having to earn enough money to pay the bills. It was quite a good life, and Nyra personally couldn’t wait until she was old enough to move out, with such a promising career as an angler ahead of her.

   After years of research, Bryony had finally found an old text describing Patisseria (though the book called it Cake Island) and the supposed way to get there. It didn’t seem too hard, and was certainly manageable. Bryony thought about it: did she want to stay in Sunset Valley with her girls, or did she want to return to the soft comfort of Cake Island? She certainly would be a changed person, hopefully for the better, after her experiences, and she supposed that if she returned, she might not fit in with the crowd anymore.
   “You should follow your heart, Bryony! Your heart will always lead you on the right path!” Bryony could almost hear the voice of her old friend May (A/N: In case you forgot, Bryony was rooming with May and Thistle during her time on Cake Island). ‘Follow your heart’ was always her favourite piece of advice and it certainly had worked on Cake Island but it didn’t seem to work quite as well in Sunset Valley. With a sigh, Bryony closed the book and stretched, preparing for bed.

   The day of Clementine’s visit to Hank, she decided to tell Nyra of her plans.
   “Nyra, guess where I’m going to go today,” she said excitedly once Nyra had finished her sandwich. Clementine was so excited she didn’t even wait for Nyra to reply before exclaiming, “I’m going to go visit Dad!”
   Nyra didn’t share her enthusiasm. “Dad? You found out where he lives?”
   “Well, technically, it was Azalea, who probably found out from someone else, but yeah, I know where he lives! Do you want to come with me? I’m so excited to meet him!”

   “Sorry, Clementine, but you’ve heard the rumours, haven’t you? That our Dad’s that slimy gigolo Hank Goddard. I personally don’t really want to meet him, if that’s true.”
   Clementine frowned. “I’m sure the rumours are exaggerated. Hank Goddard can’t be that bad a guy if Mom dated him once.”
   “Except for the part when he didn’t even come by to visit when we were kids, and Mom never talks about Dad?”
   Clementine didn’t have an answer to that, so she just asked Nyra again. “So, do you want to come or not?”
   “No way, Clem. You know how I feel about strangers, anyway.”

   “He’s not a stranger, Nyra, he’s our Dad!” Clementine said, surprised that Nyra would say such a thing, but Nyra just shrugged. Sensing that Nyra wasn’t exactly feeling up to a meeting with the infamous Hank (and knowing Azalea, she would never tag along), Clementine just sighed. “Fine, I’ll go alone. Don’t tell Mom, though, she’ll have a fit.”

   “She’ll probably yell at me not to go see Dad ever again because he’s trash, but how can he be trash if he works in law enforcement? You’d figure that all the really nice people with a strong sense of justice go into law enforcement.”
   “Life doesn’t really work like that, Clem,” said Nyra; she never knew what to say when Clementine started going off on a little rant and it appears that this particular talk was no exception.
   “Yeah, well, I just want Dad to be a part of my life, you know?” Clementine said with a huff. “I know Mom’s mad at Dad for kind of being a cow, but she should at least let us meet with him.”

   And so, eager to meet with her father for the first time in her life, Clementine hurried off to the Goddard residence and rung the doorbell. Her palms were sweaty with nervousness and she constantly ran her fingers through her hair, wanting to look her absolute best.

   After Hank let her in and they quickly introduced themselves, Clementine struck up a conversation, wanting to know more about her father.
   “So, Mr. Goddard, is it okay if I call you Dad?”
   “Sure thing, Clementine,” said Hank, though he didn’t look very comfortable with the idea.
   “Okay, Dad,” Clementine paused; it certainly felt much different saying the word with the man right in front of him and she couldn’t help the giddy smile on her face. She felt a little less ecstatic when she noticed Hank glancing out of the window nervously. “Er, what is it? Are you looking for Mom?”
   “Wh-Bryony? No, I’m just, er… you have a sister, don’t you?”
   “I have two, actually,” said Clementine with a frown. “Nyra and Azalea. Why?”
   “Ah, yes, Azalea. You didn’t bring her with you, did you?”
   Clementine felt a little annoyed that her first actual chat with her father would be about her sister and said a little grumpily, “No, I didn’t even tell her I was coming here.” She felt a little better, though, when Hank’s expression visibly brightened.

   “Listen, Dad, I have a question for you. Mom’s going to be working late the night of the prom and I was wondering if, well, you could take us there? Like, the school’s going to send a limo to pick us up, but I don’t know, it would feel pretty cool to have a patrol car take us there, I think.”
   in reality, Clementine just wanted to spend time with her father, but he didn’t have to know all that.

   “Prom night’s Saturday night, right?” Hank asked and Clementine nodded in agreement. “Gee, Clementine, sorry, but I’ve got to go to work Saturday night. I guess you’re going to have to take the limo with your sisters.”
   “Oh, gee, that’s too bad.” Clementine said, trying not to let her sadness and disappointment seep into her voice. She then brightened up. “Actually, Dad, I’ve got a date. I’m going to prom with Jamal Keaton, and well, Azalea’s going with Stanley Bachelor.”
   “Is Jamal your boyfriend? Congratulations!” exclaimed Hank, though he wasn’t very enthusiastic.

   Clementine could feel her excitement at meeting Hank starting to ebb away; this wasn’t at all the meeting she had envisioned in her head and she started to wonder whether all the rumours around town about Hank was right. He certainly seemed the kind of guy to sleep around with women and not feel a hint of remorse; why, he hardly seemed to feel affection for his daughter.

   Then Clementine remembered a subject that both Hank and her could really spend time talking about.
   “What’s it like being a cop, Dad? I really want to work in the law enforcement field like you!”
   “It’s not very exciting,” Hank said with a shrug. “I’m not very high up. All I do is control traffic.”
   ‘W-Wow!” Clementine cheered, trying to sound like being a traffic cop was the coolest thing in the entire world. “That’s pretty neat. What do you do?”
   “I stand on the streets and control traffic.” Hank replied curtly.
   Clementine decided to get a hint, and she sighed. “Well, it was great meeting you, Dad, but I have to go now.”

   “Wait, Clementine,” Hank said and Clementine turned around so fast she almost gave herself whiplash.

   “You seem like a really nice girl and all, but I thought Bryony didn’t want me meeting any of you guys anymore?”
   “Mom doesn’t know I’m here.”
   “Oh,” Hank frowned. “Well, okay. It’s just that you girls have never really been a part of my life, and I haven’t really been a part of yours, and it seems like your mother doesn’t like me hanging around your family, so I was kind of thinking whether you could live your life and I could live mine?”
   Clementine couldn’t believe what she was hearing.
   “I don’t know if you’ve heard the rumours, Clementine, but I’m not exactly the best father figure; my night job’s kind of, you know. I think it’s best if we limit our meetings to just special events. You seem like a really sweet girl, but I just don’t think that your family fantasy will ever come true. It’s best to just let it go early.”

   There were tears in Clementine’s eyes, but they weren’t of sadness; they were of pure, hot rage. “You know, Dad, Mom was right about you. I feel so stupid now, thinking that everyone was exaggerating and that you couldn’t be that bad a person. I used to want to be a cop so I could be just like you, you know? I still want to be a cop, but it’s so that I can find a way to find evil, foul men like you, and make you pay.”
   She didn’t even react to Hank’s mildly shocked face before she whirled around and headed for the door. Before she left, however, she glared at her father and said bitterly. “And, by the way, $300 a month is barely enough for four people, and don’t give me any lies about your lack of money. Just look at this beautiful house you’ve got, Hank. Just be glad I didn’t bring Azalea with me. She’d have found a way to make your life an absolute hell.”
   And without a look backwards, Clementine rushed out of the door and ran all the way home.

   I have played until the beginning of the new heir, and then Windows decided to restart the computer for updates without giving me a heads-up first, so I actually don’t have any idea where my game actually is at this point. I make a point to save constantly, but I don’t remember how constant I was saving at the time. Oops. Generation 1 is coming to a close, and it’ll end either next update or the update after that. I already have my heir picked out, but it would be cool to see who you guys like the most. Sorry not too much happened this update but SO MUCH THINGS happen after this that I felt it would be a nice breather before ALL THE THINGS