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Chapter 1.8: The One With The Flash In The Kitchen

   Wow, holy crap, I totally forgot that this story is supposed to go on for like 78 generations. I’ve already met a bet with my sister that by the time I reach generation 5, I’ll be completely burnt out from storytelling and my legacy will disintegrate into babbling and horrible jokes and cultural references and it shall be horrible! If you want an example of that, check out the Himmel Zodiac Legacy because that is like, the epitome of my documentary-style legacies.
   Quick question you guys: Is the text hard to read? I’ll be changing the colour to black so it pops out more, but do you want me to double-space or keep the single-space? I’m used to single spacing, but I’m worried it’s hard to read in a block of text. Tell me your opinion please either in the comments or on the forums.

   In case you haven’t noticed, I love to blabber. I’ll shut up now and let you enjoy the chapter.


(Season 1, Episode 8: The One With The Flash In The Kitchen)

Last time on the Summers Legacy…
   Bryony found a way back to Cake Island/Patisseria but will she choose to go back to the peaceful pastry lands, or stay in Sunset Valley with her family?
   Nyra was totally helpful last chapter. She lounged around the house, sold a bunch of tuna, and made a craptastic bowl of macaroni that her sisters scorned.
   Azalea was not exactly in the update; after asking Stanley Bachelor to the prom, she then decided to be the fittest teenager in school and used the treadmill forever.
   Clementine, the focal character last update, decided to hog the TV and made everyone mad. Then she went to Hank Goddard’s to talk with her daddy; unfortunately, he was a dick about everything and Clementine got pretty annoyed at him. She then joins the unofficial I Hate Hank Goddard Club.


   After her uncomfortable visit to Hank’s house, Clementine decided to talk to Azalea; she figured Nyra wouldn’t exactly be the best option in such a situation, and Clementine didn’t want to upset Bryony with talk about the town gigolo.
   “Hey, Azalea, I went to Dad’s house today and you know, he’s kind of… well, kind of a cow.”
   “Yeah, tell me about it.” Azalea replied. “He’s quite a guy.”

   “You should have told me about how much he doesn’t care about us, that would have spared me the trouble of going all the way to find him.” Clementine sounded half-annoyed, half-sad; she was very shaken up about seeing Hank’s sleaziness, and she was quite heartbroken that the faceless man she had made into an idol in her head was actually nothing more than a self-indulgent womanizer.


   “See? You should’ve listened to Mom about not going to meet Dad? This would’ve been the perfect ‘I told you so’ moment if I hadn’t gone to visit Dad myself.”
   Clementine huffed an annoyed sigh. “Yeah, I get it, I shouldn’t have gotten so excited after hearing he works in policing. Wipe that smug look off your face.”
   Azalea bit the inside of her cheek to stop the self-satisfied smile, but it didn’t work very well. “So, what happened at dear old Dad’s place? Did he let you see all of his policing trophies?”
   “Ugh, no. He works as a traffic cop and stop calling him Dad. He’s barely a Dad.” Azalea tapped her foot impatiently and so Clementine told Azalea what had happened at Hank’s. “…and then he told me that he wanted to live his own life, and that we should live ours, and just, you know, not talk to each other. He said he’ll visit during special events, though, so I guess there’s that.”
   “Special events,” snorted Azalea. “That’s bull, Clementine.”


   “So do you still want to be a cop just like Hank?” Azalea asked.
   Clementine nodded vigorously. “Yes! More than ever! I want to be on the side of justice, not just the law! I hate to think of the fact that men like Hank are out there playing with women like this; it makes me absolutely sick, and I don’t want to stand aside while that happens. I’m going to be the best cop in all of Sunset Valley, and I’m going to make sordid men like Dad pay.”
   “Wow, good on you, Clem.” said Azalea, though she was genuinely proud of her sister finally getting over her rather annoying idolizing-man-she-has-never-met phase. She wondered if she could pull Clementine into her plan. “Say, Clem, what would you do if I told you I was planning an elaborate mastermind plot with the sole purpose of putting Hank through as much hell as I possibly could?”
   “Er, like what?”


   “God, Clem, I don’t know, I don’t spit out ideas out of thin air, you know.” snapped Azalea irritably. “I was thinking something like, setting his garden on fire or egging his patrol car. Small, annoying things at first, before going onto the bigger plans. Like locking him up in a basement.”


   “How can you be so twisted?” Clementine demanded, her face scrunched up in disbelief. “That’s horrible! I was thinking more along the lines of TPing his house or stealing his shoes. You’re thinking like a criminal, Azalea, and I suggest you don’t put your plans into action. You could get arrested!”


   But there was no time for the sisters to continue arguing about morality or boring things like that because the next day was prom night. Clementine, wanting to make a good impression on Jamal, spent nearly the entire day primping. She wasn’t too impressed with her own makeup job, but she didn’t want to have to ask her mother or sisters for help. Nyra and Azalea were much too casual, in Clementine’s opinion, about prom. The two of them were watching TV in the living room, eager for some How I Met Your Mother while Clementine wasn’t hogging it with her fitness channel.


   Unlike the Bachelors, who had the money to call for a taxi, the Keaton family wasn’t exactly made of money, and so Jamal decided to wait for Clementine at school. Stanley showed up to accompany the Summers sisters in their limo. It was an amazing night for all three of the girls. Stanley the gentleman kept getting punch for Azalea, who finally asked whether Stanley was willing to be her boyfriend. He agreed, stating that he had liked Azalea since they first met. Clementine and Jamal were hitting it off swimmingly as well; like Azalea, the two of them became a couple during the prom and to their great delight, were voted Prom Queen and King. Nyra didn’t manage to hook up with anybody, but so many people complimented her on her dress and she found a good friend in Monty Hart.


   Azalea had taken a bit of a break from cooking, leaving it up to Bryony for the most part, but after Nyra’s disastrous attempts at cuisine, Azalea decided to take up the mantle of family cook once more, whipping up a delicious platter of goopy carbonara in no time.
   (A/N: Nyra’s macaroni was normal quality, and Clementine set the kitchen on fire last time, though I didn’t get screenshots of it. Azalea and Bryony both make nice quality, but Azalea does it constantly, whereas Bryony makes nice quality dishes once every five normal quality dishes)


   With Bryony considering possibly leaving Sunset Valley, she knew she had to leave the Summers estate in the hands of one of her daughters; although she didn’t like to play favourites, she wanted Azalea to receive the title of heiress due to her strongly inheriting Bryony’s Cake Island genes. Nyra didn’t seem all that interested in continuing the family name, and Clementine was much too overzealous in her desire to become a police officer. She didn’t seem to want to settle down with a family, and Bryony desperately wanted the Summers line to continue on the Mainland.
   And so, during dinner, after Nyra and Clementine had retired to the bedroom, Bryony asked Azalea for a word in private. “Now, Azalea, you probably know that I’ve been researching ways to go back home to Cake  Island and I’m pleased to inform you that I’ve found one. It’s a one-way route, however, as the sea route is ultimately in experimental phase; there is no return ticket.”
   “What are you asking me to do, Mom?” Azalea asked, nervously shifting in her seat and not particularly liking where the conversation was headed.
   “I want you to inherit the family name; I name you my heir, Azalea. You’ll be in charge of the family estate once I’m gone and I expect you to continue the Summers name once I’m gone.”
   “But Mom-“
   “Nyra won’t do it and Clementine’s much too obsessed with being a cop. Trust me, Azalea, you’re the perfect person for the job. Just look at this absolutely delicious pasta you’ve made! With more practice, you’ll be a master chef in no time.”
   Azalea scowled; she hadn’t finished her plans against Hank and she needed to be in the criminal field if she wanted to. But she found it hard to deny her mother’s hopeful gaze on her and so she found herself agreeing.


   With graduation coming up and the future of the Summers clan suddenly on her shoulders, Azalea called Stanley over to explain the situation. Well, it was more of a rant; Azalea had been looking forward to moving out of the house and she was a little annoyed, to tell the truth, that she had to stay in the Summers home forever.
   Stanley tried to placate her. “But, Azalea, doesn’t being the Summers heir mean you get to keep all the money you guys have saved up?”
   “Yes, but if I’m supposed to have babies and stuff too, that means I can’t use up all the money!” Azalea exclaimed, waving her arms wildly.


   “Well, if you’re thinking of going into a criminal career, you can never have too little funding, and so although it pains me to say it, if you take a wedge out of the Summers bank account and put it to your future career, you can probably get promoted faster and still have money left for babies.”


   “Huh.” Azalea paused to ruminate on that particular thought for several seconds. “That’s a really good idea, Stanley. You always know the best things to say.”
   “Well, I try,” Stanley said sheepishly. The two drew close to each other and Azalea was hit with a thought. If she had to carry on the Summers line, why not do it with the man of her dreams?


   She got down on one knee and pulled out a box containing one of her rings; it wasn’t particularly romantic, but with the salary of a small-time graffiti artist, Azalea didn’t have enough dough to buy an actual engagement ring.
   “Stanley Bachelor, would you do me the honour of becoming my husband and helping me to continue the Summers line?”


   Stanley was understandably very shocked and he couldn’t believe what was happening. But he delightedly agreed and the two shared a warm amorous hug under the sun.
   He couldn’t stay for very long, since he wanted to go home and share the news with his family immediately, but Azalea wanted to tell Bryony first.
   “Wait right here, Stanley!” Azalea said cheerfully as she rushed inside the house.


   After seeing her sister rush into the house and practically tripping her own feet, Clementine curiously wandered outside, wanting to see what had Azalea so ecstatic. She was mildly surprised to see Stanley Bachelor, whom she hadn’t met face-to-face but had heard plenty about.
   “Hey, Stanley, I’m Clementine Summers. I’m Azalea’s sister.” Clementine said, holding her hand out, which Stanley took and shook.
   “I’m Stanley Bachelor. Er, Azalea’s boyfriend. Well, actually, fiance, now.”


   “Her fiance?” echoed Clementine in shock. She had known Azalea and Stanley were close even before they started dating, but it seemed like they were moving so fast in comparison to Clementine and Jamal. “Wow, that’s…amazing! I’m really happy for you two!”
   Stanley smiled at her. ‘Thanks, Clementine, it means a lot.”


   Stanley must’ve noticed Clementine’s apprehensive expression because he laughed heartily, “I was pretty nervous about the idea when Azalea asked me but now that I think about it, I think it could work out really well. We’ve known each other for such a long time, and I really really like your sister. I’m pretty excited; I think if Azalea didn’t ask me now, I would’ve asked her myself some time in the future.”
   “Well, I’m happy for you two.” said Clementine genuinely. “Are you guys going to be staying here, or moving out?”
   “Azalea told me that your mother named her the heir of the Summers line,” Stanley said before frowning, wondering if it was wise to tell Clementine the news. “She’ll be staying at the Summers estate and continuing the line; that’s actually what prompted her to propose marriage, I think.”


   “Oh, Mom chose Azalea? Phew, I have to admit I’m pretty stoked about that.”
  At least there wasn’t going to be a feud between the sisters on who was the most eligible heiress, to Stanley’s great relief. “And why’s that?”
   Clementine shrugged. “Well, it’ll be pretty nice to stay in the house and inherit all the money, but then I’ll have to start a family and everything! I don’t know if Azalea told you, Stanley, but my dream is to be the best cop in all of Sunset Valley, and continuing the Summers line is frankly the last thing on my mind.”
   It was quite remarkable of Bryony to have predicted Clementine’s thoughts and aspirations so accurately considering the last time the two had a conversation alone was forever ago. Nonetheless, Bryony made the right choice and Stanley would not be witness to ugly sibling feuds this generation.


   Meanwhile, inside the house, Azalea found Bryony in her room and told her of recent events.
   “Mom, guess what? I just proposed marriage to Stanley Bachelor!”


   Although Bryony was a little unsure about the matter at first, not particularly familiar with Stanley…


   she did eventually come around to the idea and congratulated her daughter with great joy and pride.


   Around this time, old Susan Wainwright died; although Bryony and Susan were just acquaintances with each other, apparently Susan was so taken with Bryony when they met that she included Bryony in her will. The Summers family received a good $22,000 upon Susan’s death and decided to use it to renovate their kitchen.
   Having found a good mixology book in the library at school, Nyra became quite taken with the family bar, and loved to make her own mixed drinks with them.


   Considering no one else in the house was really interested in alcoholic drinks, Nyra was forced to finish off all her concoctions and usually ended up nearly wetting her pants in front of the bar.


   Now that she was going to be graduating soon, Azalea decided that it was time to upgrade to much more criminal activities than drawing on walls with spray paint. So she dressed up extra fancy to celebrate her last day at her part-time job.


   Although she was quite glad to see Clementine getting along with her future brother-in-law, it was a little awkward to see the two of them so engrossed in a conversation about babies. Specifically, Azalea’s future babies.
   “Now, remember, they don’t have very strong necks when they’re really young so you have to always support the neck. Never hold a baby and its head is like, dangling, because that can really damage them! I don’t want my future nephews and nieces to have damaged necks; that would be horrendous!”


   Needless to say, Stanley was a little blown away by this topic and he found himself wondering just what exactly he got himself into.

   I tried to fit everything that happened in one chapter, but too much happened, so I tried to cut some parts out, but I couldn’t find anything boring enough to cut out. And then I was sad.

   Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the almost last update of Gen 1, because it’s still technically Gen 1 until the chosen heir is YA, in my opinion. Comments are more than welcome so please drop a note here or on the forums or on my LJ. I didn’t realize that I had set my NRaas settings to let teens propose and marry until I saw the option ‘Have Private Wedding’ pop up. Then I was like ‘OOPS’ but oh well. Azalea just won’t get a chance to explore more romantic options.


  1. Yay! Azalea's my favorite. She'd definitively be an... interesting mother. ;)

    I really like this story!

    1. I debated between Clementine and Azalea for a while but I'm glad people like Azalea! That would be awkward if nobody liked her and I still chose her as heir.

      Thank you so much! <3