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Chapter 1.9: The One With Otacon

   First off, I would like to sincerely apologize about the fact that this chapter was quite rushed when I played it in-game. My game was lagging like crazy and I wanted to hurry onto Generation 2. I also wanted to tie up the loose ends in each character’s story after I finished up Clementine’s last update. But this is finally the last update of Generation 1! I’ll be putting up endthoughts soon, as well as Chapter 2.1, so stay tuned!
   In case you can’t tell from my title picture’s subtitle, I have been rewatching all of YGOTAS, which is probably my favourite webseries in the entire world.


Last time on the Summers Legacy…
   Susan Wainwright died and left Bryony a good amount of money; the money was promptly and wisely used to renovate the kitchen; the family decided to invest in a nifty poster of The Flash to hang above one of the counters.
   Azalea decided to propose to her high school sweetheart Stanley Bachelor, who said ‘yes’ because they’re sweet like that. Clementine decided that bonding time was in order and proceeded to make her future brother-in-law extremely nervous with talks of babies.
   Nyra had a love affair with the bar and spends most of the time either drinking or nearly wetting herself .


   The next day, Clementine, tired out from a night spent drinking with her sisters to celebrate Azalea’s engagement, stood in the living room and pondered her relationship with Jamal. She certainly liked him a lot and more importantly, with Azalea engaged and her still at the boyfriend-girlfriend stage, it almost felt like a loss.
   Clementine hated losing to Azalea more than anything, and so she decided to see if taking her relationship with Jamal to the next level was a viable option.


   “Hello, Jamal? It’s Clement – yes, I’m aware it’s almost 1 in the morning. I have something really important to ask you and I swear if you don’t stop booing me and come over right now, I’ll rip your balls off at school tomorrow.”


   Like the swell boyfriend that he is, Jamal came over without any further prompting, all smiles and cheer for his girlfriend.


   Not particularly liking the idea of her boyfriend getting arrested on what is really supposed to be his engagement date, Clementine got right down to business, using her best charming smile and favourite flirting method of holding hands.


   And then she got right down to business.
  “Jamal Keaton, as the sweetest, nicest guy a girl could ever hope to meet, would you marry me?”


   Unsurprisingly, he said ‘yes’ and the two of them shared a tender hug on the front lawn of the house by the garbage can, with Clementine still in her PJs and Jamal literally 2 minutes away from being arrested by the police for being out so late. It was a very romantic sight.


   Bryony was not around for the excitement that night as she was out trying to clear up a rather horrible rumour of her having fought with someone in public, which was completely false, considering Bryony spent pretty much her entire day either at work or asleep at home.


   Despite being the chosen Summers heiress and already engaged, Azalea still had to keep her grades up in school, much to her displeasure.
   “I can’t believe this math!” Azalea exclaimed, after an hour of working on physics homework with Nyra. “This is utterly impossible. I hate homework!”
   Nyra, quite used to Azalea’s random outbursts of impatience and rage, simply continued to work on her question regarding light waves,  ignoring her sister’s shouts of frustration.


   Being heir of the Summers line automatically made you the owner of the Summers herd heir as well, and so Azalea took over caring for Heartwood. The two of them got along very well; any worries Bryony may have had of Heartwood not accepting an evil Sim as a Bonded Human, but it seemed that Heartwood liked Azalea just fine.


   A week before Clementine and Azalea’s wedding, Azalea decided to go pay Hank a visit; Bryony felt that he should be at his daughters’ wedding and tried to invite him, but he never picked up calls from Bryony. Although Bryony figured it was for the better, Azalea thought it was quite awful for their own father not to show up for his children’s wedding, so she rode Heartwood all the way there.
   “Wait outside, okay?” Azalea said, hopping lightly off the unicorn, who nickered in response.


   Azalea was ushered inside when Hank saw who was pounding on his front door and Azalea didn’t waste any time.
   “Look, Hank, Clementine and I are going to be holding a wedding party this Sunday and we want you to be there. It’s only natural that a Dad show up at his own kids’ marriage.”
   Hank was not amused. “Are you telling me that that was why Bryony kept ringing me up? Gloria saw who was calling me like three times a day, assumed I got back with her, and dumped me, you know?”
   Having heard the rumours around town that Hank had started sleeping with a woman named Gloria Ham, Azalea decided to discard that particular piece of information, not wanting to hear more.


   Hank seriously did not want to go to the wedding, and Azalea, not particularly desiring his presence, decided to give up and go home. She figured Bryony would eventually come around to the idea of a wedding party without him anyway.
   “Well, fine, not like Clem and I really wanted you there anyway,” sniffed Azalea as she left the house. Not knowing much about unicorns, Azalea certainly had no clue just how sensitive they were to the feelings of their Bonded Human.


   As if to channel the frustration the Summers feel toward Hank, Heartwood felt a burn travel through her horn and ignited the Goddard residence’s beautiful garden. Azalea, who had been in the process of preparing to mount the unicorn, paused in her movements with mild surprise. She didn’t even know that unicorns could set objects on fire and although it was mighty interesting, she figured she better leave the area before the police and firemen arrive.
   So she jumped onto Heartwood and instead of galloping home, the two of them just teleported back onto the Summers lot.


   The fire drew quite a lot of attention and coincidentally, the two Summers fiances were there to panic and generally be useless. It was quite comforting to see the girls’ future husbands act in such a manner when faced with a crisis.


   Thankfully, this brave old man with unfortunate fashion sense bravely launched himself at the fire and managed to contain before the firemen arrived. Hank escaped unscathed, but, sensing that his estranged evil daughter had something to do with the fire, decided to move to another house.


   Soon, it was time for the big day: Clementine and Azalea’s wedding!
   Nyra, who had been so busy with school and fishing that she had been neglecting Frodo for a while, decided to take her doll out from the closet and chat with him, catching him up on the latest news and gossip.
   “It’s so great talking to you again, Frodo! I’m sorry I haven’t let you out to stretch in such a long time; life’s just been busy, you know?”
   “I don’t mind; you seem much happier now that you know what you want out of life!” Frodo assured Nyra good-naturedly, not perturbed in the slightest.


   “You seem so much happier and much more social now, Nyra. You don’t really need me anymore if you have got real friends!”
   Nyra sighed; Frodo had been her best friend since she was born and she felt really upset that she had started to drift apart from him ever since starting to befriend the local consignment store owner, after spending her entire high school career dropping off fish for him to sell.
   “Don’t worry, Nyra, I’m not mad or upset; on the contrary, I’m happy for you. Don’t forget, I’ll always be your friend, no matter what!”
   The two shared a hug and Nyra hurried to her room to get prepared for the wedding. She had always viewed Frodo as her only friend but after leaving the house and seeing things by herself without Frodo by her side, Nyra began to realize that she didn’t need to have Frodo with her all the time to feel special, or welcomed. When people looked at her, they didn’t see Hank Goddard’s unexceptional daughter. They saw Bryony Summers’ angler daughter, and that was good enough for Nyra.


   Instead of having a nice heartfelt conversation about their wedding and how much family means to them, Clementine and Azalea decided to spend their wedding day chowing down on leftovers from the fridge.


   Meanwhile, outside on the porch, Bryony decided to buy her daughters an early wedding gift: a hot tub! However, the two of them too busy eating salad and sandwiches, Bryony decided to spend some quality time alone in the relaxing hot water. She had reached a decision regards to home, and had decided that Patisseria was a much better life for her. She wanted to witness her daughters’ weddings first, before boarding the ship that should take her back to the island.


   That night, Azalea and Stanley were the first to be wed under the wedding arch.
   (I realized after the wedding happened that I must have placed the wedding arch backwards because nobody was sitting in the chairs)


   The guests weren’t too excited about the proceedings, with the possible exception of Bryony, who was sobbing about how proud she was of Azalea growing up. Clementine and Nyra had been busy inside the house gussying up, and completely missed their sister’s ceremony. Jamal and Morgana Wolf weren’t particularly familiar with Azalea, and couldn’t bring themselves to care much. Hank only went to the wedding because he didn’t want his new house burned down.


   Jamal and Clementine’s wedding was not particularly that successful either, but at least the newlyweds were happy.


   Bella proves that she is the best friend in the world by heckling Clementine seconds before her marriage. Despite that little mishap, the guests all left quite content, making Bryony’s first party quite a booming success. Both Jamal and Stanley decided to move in with the Summers, though they didn’t bring much money with them to add to the family funds.


   After all the guests had gone home, Bryony spent a good half hour outside, cleaning up the buffet table and putting the wedding arch back into storage. It wasn’t until she heard party-blowers that she remembered something very important. The wedding day had been scheduled to take place on the girls’ birthday! So she hurried inside, still dressed in her formalwear.


   Fortunately, Azalea and Clementine were much too preoccupied with their beautiful wedding rings, and they haven’t had their birthdays yet.


   Nyra decided to cut her long hair short; it had been getting tangled up from humid air during her fishing trips and she felt it was quite stylish. She became family-oriented, and wished to start her own, though settling down would have to wait until she finishes collecting perfect fish.


   Clementine obviously wanted to become a member of the police force, but she also wanted to reach the very top of the career track. She developed a deep love for cats and often liked to buy little dolls in the shape of kittens; Although Azalea laughed at her for this ‘juvenile hobby’, Jamal insisted it added to Clementine’s charm. He did, however, draw the line when Clementine wanted to adopt a litter of six kittens to serve as their ‘children’.


   Azalea became a great kisser and she was quite proud of this. She was quite the opposite of Clementine; Azalea wanted to reach the top of the criminal career track. She had been thinking of using Heartwood and becoming an arsonist, though she did feel rather bad for using a unicorn, of all creatures, for this. Instead, she decided to work on being the most efficient member in the local crime syndicate.


   Bryony was overjoyed to see her little girls so grown up; it seemed like just yesterday they were toddlers and she was teaching them how to walk in the dark entry hall of their old home. It was then that Bryony realized how much she had come to care about her life at Sunset Valley, surrounded by her beloved daughters, and she knew that, in her heart, she didn’t want to go back to Patisseria. Here, she had a loving family and a beautiful home, whereas she had lived in a guestroom with two warring sisters on Cake Island. She wanted to stay and watch her daughters become strong, confident women, and she would not miss that for the world.


   Stanley also had his birthday and aged up quite well physically, though he remained as dorky as ever. He wasn’t sure what he wanted in life, but he certainly wanted to be good at a little bit of anything, just like one of his Japanese anime.
   (He had kind of a bad personality and LTW before I gave him a makeover, so I rolled randomly and LOL’ed when this came up. My sister commented that he reminded her of Otacon from the Metal Gear series, and I agreed, and now Stanley is Otacon.)(Except for the whole stepmom thing)


   Nyra was the first to fly the coop, having found a lovely house by the seashore; it had been a very expensive house, but after borrowing some money from both the bank and her mother, Nyra managed to afford it. With promises to call often, Nyra left the Summers home without a look back. She didn’t forget to take Frodo with her.
   Clementine and Jamal had wanted to find a place for themselves close to town, but with so many residents in town, it was near impossible. Finally, they decided to ask Nyra if they could stay with her, and Nyra agreed readily.
   (I was going to build a nice spare house to stuff all future spares in, but I wanted to wait until they actually had more money without the use of cheats before doing so. So I just stuffed them into a big-enough Maxis home.)


   As soon as her sisters were out of the house and Bryony was napping on the couch, Azalea went online and contacted the local crime syndicate, asking for a position. They agreed very happily, having heard rumours of Azalea setting fire to Hank Goddard’s house, and of her old job as a graffiti artist. She was now working as a snitch; not wanting her family to find out what she was doing, she lied and told them she had found a job as a personal trainer at the local gym.


   Not used to living with someone who actually knew how to use a computer properly, Azalea had been much too careless with the laptop and didn’t realize she forgot to erase her internet history. After Azalea had left the room to work out, Stanley had been surfing the internet and reading some Cracked articles online when he accidentally deleted a tab. With a sigh, he started sifting through the browser history to find the elusive tab when he noticed that someone had been accessing the websites of several renowned crime organizations.
   Stanley wasn’t stupid; he could put two and two together and he decided he needed to have a talk to Azalea about her obsession with taking down Hank. In the meantime, he wanted to finish the article about the scariest islands on Earth.

   So there we have it. Endthoughts will be posted soon, and I have already started the Chapter 2.1 update, though I don’t have enough screenshots for it yet. Azalea and Heartwood setting Hank’s front lawn on fire was half-accident, really, since I saw Heartwood wanting to ignite something while she was at Hank’s and I had never seen it before and I figured it would only be a small fire, so I ignited the ground. And then it spread. And then I ran away. But then I found it kind of funny so I went back to check it out. Hank is my go-to guy when I want to do something horrible but I don’t want to try it on my Sims, so I would be kind of sad if he died hahaha. I had to keep resetting him because the stupid idiot kept running into the fire and almost dying.


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