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Chapter 2.2: The One With The Pyromaniac Unicorn

   You might have noticed during previous updates that I was debating between all of the fonts I have when using them in my pictures. I’m pleased to announce I have decided on TWO PARTICULAR FONTS THAT LOOK SPECTACULAR AND ARE QUITE EASY TO READ. Names of Sims will be MTF Cupcake, while traits and whatnot will be MTF Epic. I noticed after all the pics have been made that I still need to put a shadow border around the MTF Epic but other than that, it’s fine. I only chose MTF Cupcake because I like the little cupcake picture and since our founder is from an island made of cake, the Summers logo really should be a pastry of some sort. Or a unicorn. Or a unicorn with a doughnut on its horn. Something involving pastries and unicorns, that’s for sure.


Last time on the Summers Legacy…
   Stanley decided he would wash some dishes and then he ended up breaing them; like any good husband, he just started freaking out about how he broke the sink but alas his wife started going into labour. Instead of taking her to the hospital, he let his mother-in-law Bryony handle that while he fixes the sink. Azalea gave birth to twin girls Avalon and Brooke. Stanley openly expresses his deep love for Brooke while Azalea tries to remind herself that she’s an Evil Sim by stealing candy from her own daughter.


   Bryony loved to teach the toddlers important life skills such as talking and walking; her schedule was quite free now that she was so high up in the medical career track, and she could spend a good portion of the week at home with the twins.


   Avalon absolutely adored the glockenspiel that Bryony had bought for the nursery, and she hogged it every time she wasn’t been taught life skills or locked away in the crib.


   Soon, it was time for Bryony’s birthday and they decided to have a nice party; they invited Clementine and Nyra over, and the Summers family had a nice little family reunion on the porch.
   “Clementine, I heard that you recently got a promotion to patrol officer? Congratulations! That’s my girl!”
   “Oh, Mom, stop, you’re embarrassing me!” exclaimed Clementine, her cheeks red with delight at the compliment.
   Nyra presented Azalea a present: she had caught an outstanding trout and, knowing Azalea loved to cook, decided to give it to her. The two sisters engaged in quite a passionate conversation about whether trout or salmon was the superior fish to use in a stew when Bryony said, “Okay, enough chit-chat! Time for a birthday!”


   Bryony wished that her grandchildren would become fine adults before blowing out her candles.


   She certainly would be missing being able to walk around the house without feeling pain in her joints! She decided that she had reached an age where the old Cake Island tradition of face-paint seemed a little silly, and so she took all of her paints and threw them out. Clementine and Nyra unfortunately had to go home very soon after Bryony cut the cake and only had small slices before rushing away. After sending Bryony off to bed and tidying up the kitchen, Azalea decided to pay her children a visit.


   Although Azalea loved to spend time working out on the exercise machine or in the kitchen working on new recipes, she certainly liked to take a few minutes out of her day and just play with the toddlers. Like Bryony had been for her, Azalea was immensely fond of Brooke for being so close to her in appearance.


   Then Azalea noticed that Brooke also had one of the lollies that Bryony loved to hand out. She couldn’t find her natural Evilness! And so she set Brooke onto the ground.
   “Mama, want hug!”
   “Just wait a second, darling, I’ll pick you up in a minute.”


   “God, you two make it so easy,” snickered Azalea as she savoured the lolly right in front of Brooke.


   Like her sister before her, Brooke just cried and cried and cried.


   The next day, Azalea and Heartwood decided to take a trip down to the park since Azalea didn’t have work and she found she rather enjoyed spending time with Heartwood. There, they met Hank, who was going for a walk. After having set his house on fire, Azalea found she wasn’t necessarily as pissed at Hank anymore; she had her own loving family and she figured she might as well bury her rage at her estranged father. Unfortunately for Hank, she had to maintain an evil reputation for her job and they might think she had become soft after giving birth if she just forgave Hank for ditching the Summers.
   So she allowed Heartwood to curse Hank with a day of bad luck before returning home. Needless to say, Hank was not amused.


   Having beginning to develop an M.O. of riding Heartwood to her victim’s house and then setting the place on fire, Azalea took her unicorn to Hank’s and proceeded to ignite his house. Not bothering to stick around to watch the show, Azalea first headed to the warehouse to report what she had done (she had received a raise and a lot of people congratulated her for being so evil. Then she galloped all the way back home.


   To celebrate a night of evildoing, and for finally ridding the neighbourhood of the town gigolo, Azalea invited Stanley to a night of woohoo.


   It had not been a very good day for Hank Goddard (who had just wanted to enjoy a peaceful afternoon walk until he was cursed by his estranged daughter and her unicorn) and it wasn’t about to get any better. Startled awake by a commotion outside his house, he ran outside to investigate and was not pleased to see yet another fire on his lot. Unfortunately, he did not escape the flames in time and no one left their houses to help him extinguish the fire.


   And so that was how Hank Goddard died.
   News spread rather quickly through Sunset Valley of Hank’s death and Azalea’s coworkers, who all had heard through the work grapevine that it had been Azalea who set the fire that caused it, were all quite in awe at how daring she was with her work.


   Azalea’s pregnancy was progressing quite smoothly.


   (This is just an excuse to show off how adorable Brooke is)


   Now that there wasn’t anything else the family could teach Avalon and Brooke, the two were usually left up to their own devices; they liked to spend most of their time playing blocks with each other in their room. It was quite heart-warming, considering Azalea never had much bonding moments with her own sisters.
   “Grampa is star now,” Avalon said confidently to her twin. “Big fire and then Grampa is star.”
   … Their choice of conversation material, however, proves that the two of them certainly are their mother’s daughter.


   Now that they were both elders, Bryony and Thunder liked to converse with each other, although Bryony didn’t understand any of Thunder’s responses.
   “It’s just so nice to see the children all grown up!” sighed Bryony. “If only we had thought to take a nice family trip down to the local pond for some fishing! That would have been a beautiful memory.”
   “That daughter of yours is our of control, Bryony!” Thunder nickered angrily. “She’s taking my daughter around setting things on fire and the two of them indirectly killed a man!”
   “That’s nice, Thunder,” Bryony replied, not having understood a word Thunder said to her. “Good to know you wanted to take your family fishing too.”


   What’s this, you ask? Why it’s the twins’ birthday party, of course!
   As usual, Clementine and Nyra were invited, though only Clementine deigned to show. Stanley was at work all day, and so he didn’t bother inviting any of his relatives. Always excited when it came to the prospect of new nieces or nephews, Clementine was absolutely ecstatic when she saw Azalea’s baby bump.
   “More babies?” squealed Clementine with delight.
   “You’re excited now, but it’s not like you ever came visit your nieces.” Azalea pointed out.
   “Yes, well, I was too busy getting promotions,” snorted Clementine. “And the only person who actually takes care of Deandre in my house is me. At least you’ve got Mom helping you.”
   And Azalea couldn’t argue with that.


   Despite her grandchildren being the centre of the stage that night, Bryony was more interested in the fact that she had never met her first grandson Deandre, considering Clementine never brought him to visit.
   “I would very much like to meet Deandre,” Bryony told her daughter while Azalea was getting the girls ready. “It’s just that, as his grandmother, I should be, well, baking him pies or taking him for walks or something.”


   “That’s so sweet, Mom!” Clementine exclaimed. “But well, I’ve been leaving it up to my mother-in-law Justine, considering Jamal, Nyra and myself are usually out of the house.”
   Bryony was about to reply when they were interrupted by Azalea entering the kitchen with the toddlers.


   It was a very good party, although the Summers family didn’t exactly have high standards when it came to parties.


   Brooke was a very serious girl, and she had no sense of humour. She was very eccentric and also insane. She wasn’t the best dresser, thanks to all this.


   Avalon, like her sister, was quite a handful at times, what with being a neurotic virtuoso. She was also very clumsy, making it impossible for her to do things without tripping over her own feet. (As a side note, that BMO t-shirt she’s got going on is actually the background of my phone. ADVENTURE TIME <3)


   The two girls share a room; the red bed is Brooke’s and the green one is Avalon’s. It was quite easy to tell that Bryony absolutely spoiled her granddaughters with material possessions; the room cost the family a fortune to redecorate and furnish. The Summers may live in a large, beautiful house, but after redecorating each room, they were usually left with little over $400 left in their bank, waiting till the next big promotion to decorate the next part of the house.


   After getting called out for not visiting her nieces despite proclaiming her love for them, Clementine decided to take the opportunity to bond with the twin girls.
   “So that was some birthday party, huh, Avalon?” Clementine commented to Avalon, who was much too busy eating her cake to pay attention to her aunt. Giving up on trying to communicate with Avalon, Clementine shifted her attention to Brooke, who was just entering the room. “Brooke, how did you like your party?”
   “It’s ‘tastic!” exclaimed Brooke, sitting down next to her twin. “So spiffing, it was an absolute delight!”
   “Uh-huh…” said Clementine slowly. “Well, I have to go home now. It was great meeting you two!”
   And then Clementine went home.


   Having received an inventing table from her family as a birthday present, Brooke decided she would stay up extra late in order to work on some inventing. She purchased some scrap with the pocket money Bryony gave her and settled down to work. It was great fun and it was certainly a good mental exercise for her eccentric mind.


   It would have been a wonderful conclusion to an amazing day if it wasn’t for the fact that Azalea went into labour during a small game of chess with her mother.
   “Good God, Azalea, your water broke!” screamed Bryony in panic, all her years of doctor training out the window when she saw her daughter going into labour. Even though it had been Bryony who took Azalea to the hospital during Azalea’s first pregnancy, she hadn’t been present at the time of Azalea’s water actually breaking.
   Azalea, having gotten rather used to it the second time around, merely told Bryony to call a cab, sensing her mother wouldn’t be very useful in the situation.


   After sending a text to Stanley to inform him that Azalea was at the hospital, she settled back down for a nice game of chess, this time asking Avalon to play with her.
   “Grandma, I don’t see why you have to play with someone!” complained Avalon even as she contemplated the board seriously. “The computer right across from us lets you play against the computer, or against random people all around the world!”
   Bryony ignored her so Avalon continued. “Anyway, I’m probably not very good at this. I just started playing and I barely remember the rules! Grandma, a pawn can move diagonally, right? And a bishop is the one that can only move one space at a time?”
   Bryony sighed. “You – just, go to your room.”
   And she continued playing all by herself, unaware of Avalon’s triumphant smirk.


   In case you were wondering, Azalea gave birth to twins again: a girl named Claudia and a boy named Riley. Stanley is very pleased to finally have a son.

   If you guys think that Azalea’s going a little over-the-top with her killing Hank, then comment! I love to hear feedback or just thoughts on my legacy/story so tell me what you guys think, please! I’ve got one more little thing for Azalea before I can start bringing the Magician to a conclusion, and it is quite, um, evil. Hahaha. =p
   The characterization of Brooke is based on a real-life girl named Brooke that I used to tutor back in high school. She was a very cute girl who liked to wear the whackiest outfits and say the oddest things. She isn’t really at all like what Brooke Summers is traits-wise, and I wasn’t going to base Brooke on the Brooke I know, but I wasn’t sure how to write insane sims without it being all serious and Pandora Hearts. So I just based Brooke Summers on Brooke From High School.


  1. Bryony is pretty pretty. I don't get why Avalon has to be so mean to her >.<

    Is the Unicorn a fire unicorn? AWESOME.

    1. It does seem odd in retrospect that Avalon would be mean to the only person that cared for her when she was a toddler!

      Heartwood? She's going to be a PYROMANIAC UNICORN! :D If only unicorns could have the pyromaniac trait lol