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Chapter 2.3: The One With The Doomsday Machine

   HI! OLYMPICS! I’m in Taiwan right now, and I’m sad to say that there are no good channels for watching the Olympics, and I want to cheer for Team Canada, and not Team China or whatever team Taiwan will be focused on . So I constantly have BBC and CBC open now, which means that I can’t have my Tom Hardy movie marathon yet.
   Also, The Dark Knight Rises was so magnificent. But I watched it in Taiwan, where no one freaking cheers or claps or anything. It’s a freaking boring movie theatre, and a boring audience. I was the only one who gasped or made any sort of reaction during the PLOT TWISTS.
   On a Summers-related note, I’m slowly increasing the length of each update and cutting out more and more unwanted pictures. I just feel like people will be intimidated by the size of each generation, but now I’m worried people who be intimidated by the size of each update! Well, never fear. It’s just the pictures taking up a lot of space on each page and there’s actually not that much reading.


   Last time on the Summers Legacy…
   Bryony aged up into an elder, and remains oddly cute. Considering she stole Avalon’s candy while Avalon was still a baby, Azalea decided not to play favourites and she stole some candy from Brooke as well. Azalea then went to the park, saw Hank, and decided to use Heartwood’s unicorn powers to curse him. And then she set his house on fire, which killed him. She was also impregnated again by Stanley, who spent like, the entire update either not doing anything interesting, or off at work. Clementine visited because it was time for the twins to age up! Avalon and Brooke become children, and Azalea gave birth to a girl named Claudia and a boy named Riley.

   The next day was a Sunday, and as a natural early riser, Brooke decided to hold a bake sale at the local park. After asking Bryony the previous night, Brooke managed to dig out the old easybake oven that Azalea had (Azalea had borrowed it from the neighbours as a child, and then conveniently forgot to return it). It was Brooke’s first time doing anything like cooking, but she must have inherited Azalea’s natural culinary prowess.

   Both batches of vanilla muffins were absolutely perfect and Brooke was very proud of her handiwork as she tended to the stand. Unfortunately, Azalea didn’t bother telling Brooke any of the old trade secrets, and so Brooke made the error of heading to the park on a Sunday morning, when it was the most dead.
   Luckily, she didn’t seem to mind, enjoying the fresh air more than anything else.

   Brooke wasn’t alone on her trip to the park!
   After spotting Brooke packing up the baker’s stand, Avalon instantly clued in and managed to convince Brooke to take her along. Heartwood was there as a babysitter, and Avalon, always so excited about the fact that there was an actual unicorn family living with them, was eager to spend some quality time alone with Heartwood.
   “I just can’t believe Grandma thought we would want to go fishing!” Avalon commented to Heartwood. “I mean, sure Auntie Nyra would probably have loved it, but it’s so boring!”
   Heartwood wasn’t sure how to react at this.
   With no customers and no one around to even chat with, the two girls eventually gave up and headed home.


   The twins were quite self-sufficient, considering the rest of the family were always out or busy, and ate some leftovers for their dinner.
   “I’m planning on making a giant robot and I’m gonna help Mom take over the world!” exclaimed Brooke, waving her fork around wildly for emphasis. “It’s going to be so cool, Avalon!”



   The sisters were very good friends though, and loved to play Gnubb with each other, or just chat. Avalon, being quite interested in the paranormal and occult, loved to try and scare Brooke with stories about ghosts and zombies.
   “I hear,” Avalon said confidently. “that Grandpapa was burned down alive in his house by a mysterious fire when we were babies, and when someone went to try and take his gravestone to the cemetery, it was gone!”
   “Oh, stop that!” Brooke said, though she was secretly very fascinated about all that Avalon was telling her. “That’s a lie, and you know it!”
   “Nuh-uh!” Avalon retorted. “It’s true! They say that Grandpapa’s grave was taken away by the people who burned his house down!”

   With everyone in the house so busy lately with their crazy work shifts, the second pair of twins weren’t able to have a birthday party. Riley Summers, who inherited most of his mother’s looks, was a very well-adjusted young boy, being both good and friendly.

  (Claudia grew up into the Aerith hairstyle that I don’t know why I actually have, and it made me giggle a bit, so it stayed)
   Claudia was a little on the insane side, like her sister Brooke, though she was much more perceptive than the rest of her siblings. She was an absolute cutie, and her family adored her almost immediately.

   It was soon time for the twins’ first day at school! As you can see, Brooke and Avalon are terribly excited about this.

   At home, Stanley and Azalea, who both happened to have a day off at the same time, visited the nursery and their new twin children. Like he had been with Brooke, Stanley absolutely adored Claudia and loved to play with her and teach her skills. Azalea was completely fine with this, never having been too interested in childrearing in the first place.

   She is a very happy little girl and she rarely stops smiling. It’s hard to tell that Claudia’s got some screws loose in her head at times, since she’s constantly bursting with joy.
   (In case you think I’m holding out on you guys, no, despite the fact that Brooke is indeed insane, she sadly has not pulled any wonky faces or done anything remotely crazy. Also, spoiler alert, Claudia is exactly the same. The Summers have the most boring insane Sims ever.)

   Avalon and Brooke were great friends with one another, and it seems rather mundane, but it is really such a big difference from their mother’s era, considering Azalea had never really gotten along with her sisters.
   “I don’t see why everyone likes to play with Riley and Claudia so much,” Avalon commented during a homework session. “They don’t do anything interesting at all! They’re about as fascinating as rocks!”
   Brooke giggled. “Yeah, we could probably replace them with dolls or something, and no one could tell the difference!”

   This is Bryony after her promotion to World-Renowned Surgeon, therefore completing her LTW. She is having a celebratory drink and practicing her ‘Oh no, it wasn’t that hard’ speech for the off-chance that someone would awe at her awesome.

   Avalon was quite popular at school despite her neuroticism, and she was getting very friendly with a boy named Laurence Wainwright. The two of them shared a deep love of gossiping about their fellow students, and they never seemed to run out of embarrassing stories about other people.

   Despite advancing quite far in the culinary field, Stanley decided that cooking wasn’t exactly the ideal career for him, and he quit his job. He moved on to his next ambition: to be the best artist in the world. Thankfully, his painting hobby during high school paid off quite well, and he was hailed as ‘Sunset Valley’s Da Vinci’ due to his beautiful artworks.
   “There’s something wrong with this town’s standards if they consider that to be art.” Azalea had sniffed when Stanley prepared to ship his latest work to the local store.
   Stanley wasn’t quite sure why Azalea was so personally offended by the painting; he thought it was quite beautiful.

   Despite their earlier jokes about Riley and Claudia, Brooke and Avalon were quite content playing with their younger siblings. Avalon was quite glad that she had been wrong about her younger siblings being as interesting as rocks, as she soon found her younger sister Claudia to be perhaps the cutest thing she had ever seen in her life.
   (The Summers this generation are all so functional it makes me puke. What happened to the insane and neurotic traits in my older girls?)

   While her daughters were getting acquainted with their siblings at home, Azalea was busy getting acquainted with a police car outside her workplace. According to the officer that arrested her, the police received an anonymous tip regarding the fiery death of Hank Goddard that it had been Azalea who burned the house down. They couldn’t find any evidence or witness reports, and they had to release Azalea after a night, but they made sure to keep an eye on the girl, especially since they had suspected her of arson ever since Hank’s house had burned down the first time.
   Azalea was quite furious; the only people who knew of her arson were her coworkers, and she was positive the anonymous tip was one of them, wanting her gone so that they could advance in the Organisation. It would take time and finesse, but she would make sure she found out who it was, and make them pay.

   While Azalea was at the police station, Stanley was busy changing jobs once more. He had gotten a little tired from all the painting, and decided he wanted to be a writer, after being inspired by great authors such as J.K. Rowling and Suzanne Collins.

   With Stanley slaving away at his novel, Bryony constantly researching new medical procedures, Avalon gossiping with Laurence, Brooke inventing new widgets, and Azalea in jail, it was quite easy for Riley and Claudia to feel quite neglected around the house. The night Azalea spent in jail was particularly hard on Claudia, who had been forgotten in her crib since noon. It took almost an hour before Stanley realized his toddler daughter was screaming about how bored and hungry she was before Claudia was finally let out of her little prison.

   The next day, after school, Brooke found Avalon in their grandmother’s room (Avalon and Bryony had been chatting until Bryony had to feed the toddlers).
   “Avalon, you know how I’ve been working on a new project on the inventing table lately?” Brooke asked.
   “Yeah, you’ve hardly been around after school!” Avalon exclaimed. “It’s been a while since we’ve actually talked!”

   A rather horrible thought struck Avalon at that very moment.
   “Is this about that robot you were going to make Mom so that she could take over the world or something?” Avalon asked suspiciously. “Brooke, you’re crazy if you think Mom’s going to destroy the world!
“No, silly!” snorted Brooke. “No, but you’re kind of on the right track. I’ve made an absolutely spiffing little toy for you! It’s a dog toy I made specially for you!”

   Avalon was very touched by this present. She had always been uncomfortable around furry dolls, always worried of germs or contaminants in the artificial fluff, but if Brooke had made her a doll using mechanical parts, she no longer had to worry about that. She could finally play dolls with her sister without any worries.
   (I didn’t take a picture of it, but I had Avalon place it on her bedside table)

   Meanwhile, Stanley spotted Azalea coming back home; he was less than pleased about the news that Azalea had been arrested and spent the night in a holding cell, and he made sure that he voiced his disapproval.
   “Azalea, I told you this when we were teens, and I’ll tell you again! You have to stop your madness! Your Dad was a scumbag, yes, but he’s dead now, and the fact that you’re arrested for being a arson suspect is setting a bad example for your children! You’re a mother now, so please act responsibly!”

   It was the first time in their relationship that Stanley had raised his voice when talking to Azalea, and Azalea was caught off-guard by his lecture. It wasn’t everyday that the normally softspoken Stanley spoke up against his more domineering wife.

   The surprise didn’t last very long. Azalea was not amused that Stanley chose the second she got home for a lecture and she made sure to voice her displeasure.
   “Stanley, I know I really messed up this time, but show some tact, would you? I just got home from a sleepless, uncomfortable night in a cell and I was really looking forward to a shower and a nap in my bed. So, really, you can yell at me all you want later, but at least show some decency, and wait until I’m washed up?”

   Stanley was quite emotionally tired after his first real fight with his wife; after living in a female-dominated house during his youth, and a house filled with girls in the Summers home, it was quite out-of-character for him to yell at a girl.

   A dramatic Sim at heart, Stanley conveyed his emotions and inner turmoil by fainting right there on the lawn.

   Much too tired to deal with Stanley’s theatrics after a long night at the police station, Azalea moved Stanley into the shade of the house like good wife she is, and proceeded to return to the house to catch up on sleep.

   In the midst of all the drama happening with their parents, the toddlers happily and blissfully continue with their game of blocks.

Next time on the Summers Legacy…
   - Thunder does something drastic in order to save his best friend
   - The first look at Deandre Summers, who is, in case you forgot, Clementine’s son and cousin of Gen 3

   I feel so cheated; both Brooke and Claudia are insane, but none of them have done anything real insane except for the part where Brooke wears the oddest clothing. Avalon is neurotic, but she hasn’t had any freakouts or wants to like, wash her hands forever. I’m so mad. So I gave Avalon the minor little subplot where she has a phobia of anything she doesn’t know 100% how it was made and what is in it. I know some people who share the some fear of like, plush toys or certain foods, so that part of Avalon is based on them.
   Well, I wouldn’t have to base it on them if Avalon would just do something neurotic on her own! D:<
   You may be thinking to yourself, “But, Rielle, where’s Riley? What about poor Riley?”
   The answer to that, my friend, is “He’s there, but he won’t be for long.” I’ve decided on a female heiress (again) for the High Priestess and the Empress, and then male heirs for Emperor and Hierophant. This means that Riley has 0 chance of being heir, and therefore I didn’t feel the need to really focus on the kid. He’ll be shipped off to boarding school ASAP.


  1. Stanley what are you doing there are clearly bigger problems at hand.

    Insane sometimes rears its head in the same way as commitment issues, like, you'll try to get a couple to advance in their relationship and they'll be like LOLNO

    1. Stanley is fairly clueless even in the game, but at least he is quite lolworthy.
      Oh good! I've never had problems with Insane Sims until the Summers and pretty much right after this update, when I played, Claudia started choking herself constantly but I never managed to get a screencap :/

  2. Haha, so this is going to be kind of awkward. I'm that anon who asked you about this story on tumblr yesterday. For some odd reason, the last time I came here(which was right before I asked you about it), I could only see up to your posts in March. I'm not sure what was going on, but I'm sorry for any confusion I may have caused you, or if I made you angry and thinking I was impatient.

    Well, I'm off to read all of the chapters I missed! Thanks for continuing this, I'm sure I'll find it just as enjoyable as before. ^^

    1. Hi! No, I wasn't annoyed or anything; I was actually really happy you bothered to go on my Tumblr to ask about this story! :DD A million hugs to you, Anon!
      That's really weird about not being able to see my new posts though!