Sunday, 22 July 2012

Download the Major Arcana Summers!

Please read through the policy in the Downloads page before taking one of my Sims :)
These are the Summers sims from Generation 1 through 22.

Generation One Bryony SummersGen 1 Founder
LTW: World-Renowned Surgeon
Traits: Childish, Daredevil, Dog Person, Good, Shy (I THINK)

Generation Two
Azalea Summers
Gen 2 Heiress
LTW: Emperor of Evil
Traits: Mean-Spirited, Evil, Loner, Natural Cook, Great Kisser

Stanley Summers-Bachelor
Gen 2 Spouse
LTW: Jack of All Trades
Traits: Excitable, Dramatic, Workaholic, Coward, Computer Whiz

Nyra Summers
Gen 2 Spare
LTW: Perfect Private Aquarium
Traits: Loner, Perceptive, Disciplined, Angler, Family-Oriented

Clementine Summers
Gen 2 Spare
LTW: International Super Spy
Traits: Brave, Heavy Sleeper, Virtuoso, Athletic, Cat Person

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