Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Fool: Bryony Summers

   I was originally going to wait until Bryony’s death until writing up the endthoughts/interpretation but with Azalea and Clementine’s wedding, I wrapped up Bryony’s storyline, and felt that it was best to write it up while I still remember.

Bryony's Picture

   The Fool card is a card of new beginnings and innocence; Bryony left the peaceful Cake Island to explore the unfamiliar mainland of Sunset Valley, despite various warnings from her neighbours and friends. On Cake Island, there was not much strife and danger, so Bryony was quite unprepared for the dark side of human nature, which was Hank Goddard. Considering no research had been done on the world outside of Cake Island, Bryony was unprepared for life in Sunset Valley at first, with no funds and barely any knowledge of social norms, which symbolized the reverse Fool card. The Fool represents uncertainty and instability when it pops up in a relationship reading; Bryony and Hank’s relationship was the perfect representation of this in the beginning, until Bryony smartened up. Near the end of her story, Bryony had to choose whether she wanted to stay in Sunset Valley with her children, or return home to Cake Island where it was familiar. It was a tough choice and in the end, she listened to her heart’s desire of wanting to be with her family, and stayed. The Fool card urges you to listen to your heart in the face of a tough decision as well.
   At first, I was planning on the tough decision to be whether she should get back with Hank or not, but that seemed OOC and I didn’t want Hank in the family. Because I hate him. And he was in a relationship with like, everyone in town. Bryony’s recklessness and impulsiveness when it came to rushing into things with Hank, as well as leaving Cake Island in the first place, is also part of the reverse Fool.

   I never planned for the unicorn legacy; I saw a unicorn, thought ‘wow, I’ve never played a unicorn before’ and cheated it into the family. After Bryony’s death, I was planning on sending Thunder back to the wild. But then he was just so fun and unicorn powers are quite useful from time to time, that I decided to start a unicorn legacy. The whole ‘Bonded’ idea was taken from the Unicorns of Balinor series, which was my favourite unicorn series back in elementary school. I’ve always wanted to do a pet legacy but my Radeon graphics card can’t process cats and dogs very well, especially when they’re really furry, and the only animal it can do consistently is horses. Also, Bonded unicorns will get sent back to the wild upon their master’s death. Another reason I am using unicorns is because they have a longer lifespan and I don’t like to deal with pet deaths, even when it’s just in The Sims.

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