Friday, 27 July 2012

What is going on

   Every time I look through my traffic sources, I’m always really perplexed by two particular websites that constantly sprout up. One is a Russian search engine, and the other is a site selling cigarettes at airports or something. It’s odd because 1) I looked up all variants of the Summers Tarot Legacy using the Russian search engine to satisfy my curiosity, and nothing comes up, and 2) there is no link on the cigarette site to my blog, and I haven’t mentioned smoking or airports at all in any of my updates.
   It’s weird and strange. And I want to yell ‘U OK?’ to anyone who has accessed my blog from these two sources because obviously, whatever they were looking for isn’t this. Like, imagine if you’re wanting to buy some Marlboro for your airport or something, and then you find yourself at this pink monstrosity of a site.
   But really, my reaction every time I see those two URLs?



   On a less WTF note, are the chapter lengths okay? Each gen is kind of long, but that’s only because I don’t want to bore you guys with updates that are way too long, in case some readers are intimidated. I have decided on an heir/storyline I really really like, but I won’t tell you guys until it’s time to pick! So if you have a favourite, tell me!
   By the way, in my game I have sent Riley off to boarding school and I don’t intend for him to really ever come back to the main plot. It’s not that I don’t like playing male Sims, but it’s more that the High Priestess card is a very feminine card, which means the heir is going to be another girl, and so Riley doesn’t have a chance at being heir, like at all, so I sent him away to focus on the actual potential heirs. So, yeah, if Riley was your favourite for like, the two seconds he was featured in the story, that’s tough.

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