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Chapter 2.4: The One Where Grandmama Dies Twice

   Yes, I know, I’m sorry for the spoilerrific title but it was too perfect to ignore; if I’m going to base all my titles off of Friends episode titles, I might as well leap for the gold, if that makes any sense. I could’ve had this update uploaded a day earlier, but alas, I was too busy gushing over Bane with some friends online for the past week or so. And then my cousin wanted to watch Inception with me and I FREAKING LOVE INCEPTION so a few days was spent where I just gushed about Arthur/Eames with my cousin, who did her best to ignore me because she ain’t having no BL shoved in her face.


   Last time on the Summers Legacy…
   Azalea was arrested and spent a night in a holding cell; this didn’t please Stanley very much and he lectured Azalea about how she wasn’t being a responsible parent. And then he fainted because he’s a whipped man. Brooke made Avalon a little toy using her inventing table; the two of them plotted against me, being the least insane and neurotic Sims ever. Claudia blinded the family with her cute, and Bryony reached ultimate happiness, having become a World-Renowned Surgeon.

   They, once again, didn’t have a birthday party, but Claudia and Riley both grew up. Claudia was a friendly little girl, though she was a little old-fashioned, preferring to wear some old dresses Bryony managed to find at a thrift shop and not any of the cute dresses Stanley had bought.

   Riley didn’t have the best of luck during his toddler years, what with being neglected in a house full of girls, and that certainly carried over to his child years. Stanley felt rather bad for him, and he decided that, since Riley was his only son, to sign him up for boarding school, where Riley could meet people that were similar to him, and perhaps make some good friends. Azalea wasn’t pleased with Stanley’s decision, as boarding school cost quite a lot of money, but Stanley insisted.

   Riley was signed up for the School of Love and Peace and left the next day. Stanley was very sad to see him go, as he had always wanted a fellow male in the house, but he knew that Riley would be happier there.

   Feeling like she was getting too old and her hands too shaky for performing delicate procedures, Bryony decided to retire from the medical business, much to the sadness of her many coworkers and patients.

   Several nights later, Azalea and Stanley finally settled their argument; Stanley had never been able to stay mad at his wife, and Azalea had admitted (to herself, in private) that she had been in the wrong for leaving any sort of evidence at the crime scene. They settled on a night of Woohoo to make up with each other.

   Not all was well in the Summer house that day. Bryony had reached the end of her natural life and was expiring out on the playground. It was a sad day for all, but most of all for Bryony, considering none of her family even noticed she was departing the mortal Earth.

   Goodbye, Bryony Summers, we’ll miss you.

   Thunder, quite outraged at the hooded figure trying to reap the soul of his Bonded Human, galloped over and promptly started harassing the Grim Reaper in a bid to save Bryony’s life.

   It worked.

   Bryony was very touched by what her unicorn did for her and she showed her appreciation with a large handful of baby carrots, and a lot of pats on his nose. It had been a terrifying experience for the two of them, and they were content just staying outside and breathing in the fresh air together.

   While Bryony’s death, a quiet affair, had not attracted much attention from her family members, her resurrection was such a monumental event that Claudia and Avalon, who had been quietly reading in their rooms, ran out just in time to see Thunder chase off the Grim Reaper.
   Avalon, an enthusiast for all things relating to the occult, was very excited not only that her grandmother was still alive, but also that the family unicorn had chased off Death itself. “That was so cool! Claudia, did you see that?”
   “Yes, I did!” Claudia replied, wide-eyed with shock and slight fear at what could have happened if Thunder hadn’t interfered. “That' was terrifying! What if we had lost Grandma?”
   “Oh, yes,” Avalon said, sobering up quickly. “That would have been a tragedy.” She tried and failed to keep her excitement off her face; she gave up and collapsed into giggles. “But, Claudia, you have to admit, that was pretty cool, when Thunder shooed off Death.”
   “Yes, it was pretty cool.” Claudia admitted. She gave into relief and, as if she caught Avalon’s giggling bug, started chuckling into her hand as well.

   It was quite good for the girls to have their grandmother still with them, as Azalea and Stanley were so busy with their jobs that they didn’t even have time to prepare meals for their daughters. It wasn’t too bad at the moment, as they thrived on leftover meals and birthday cake, but their supplies were running quite low, and it didn’t seem long until they had to live off of canned soup or juice. Luckily, with Bryony retired from her job, she was able to provide for her granddaughters healthy and fresh meals.

   Word of Bryony’s narrow escape from death had spread through the neighbourhood like wild fire, with many friends and acquaintances sending word of pleasant surprise and congratulations. Azalea was a little miffed at all the attention they were receiving and, during a friendly match of chess one night with her mother, made sure to voice her irritation at all the unwanted ‘You must be so happy your unicorn saved your mother!’s she had been receiving.
   “It’s just that, if they really wanted to show how glad they are of your continued existence, they should send us presents or something,” Azalea complained. “You know, things we could sell or use.”
   Bryony contemplated the board before starting to set up an elaborate trap to take out Azalea’s queen. “I’m glad that you’re focused on such things when your poor mother almost died a few nights ago, darling. Really, you’re a model daughter.” She wasn’t even insulted or hurt by Azalea’s complaint, used to her daughter’s cold personality.

   Clementine had been badly scared by the almost-loss of Bryony; she had taken to calling the house once every night, as if to assure herself that Bryony was still alive and kicking. Her worry must have infected her son Deandre; the boy came to visit one night after Avalon brought him home from school, and he had immediately went to see his grandmother for the very first time.
   Not a very social boy, though, Deandre had merely introduced himself, played tag with Brooke, and then ran home.


   Brooke, like her sisters, adored Bryony and after her close call, the three had taken to interacting with their grandmother at any opportunity. Brooke found Bryony playing in the nursery and settled right down at the blocks table to play with her.
   “Grandmama, tell me a story!” Brooke exclaimed, looking up from the messy tower she was making.
   “All right, Brooke,” said Bryony in an indulgent way. “Let’s see… did you mother tell you about Cake Island?”
   “Cake Island?” repeated Brooke, wrinkling her nose in confusion. “What’s that?”
   And so Bryony started telling Brooke stories about her childhood home, about the way sponge cake layered the streets and how she would go skiing with her friends on hills of frosting. All the memories brought a smile to Bryony’s face and she made sure to tell Brooke not to tell her friends at school, out of fear that she would be bullied for making up such silly tales.

   Halfway through a particularly hilarious tale (it was about one of Bryony’s old schoolmates who had mistaken a ball of cotton for a bowl of sorbet during a wild night of partying, and started hacking out balls of fluff throughout the night) when Avalon and Claudia entered and joined Brooke in making block towers, though all three were enraptured with Bryony’s story. Watching her granddaughters play after finishing, Bryony smiled and quietly left the room.

   … Only to expire in the bathroom.
   Since she passed on in the house and Thunder wasn’t able to get in, he didn’t get a second chance to help resurrect Bryony. The title of Summers matriarch passed to Azalea and Thunder, no longer feeling a need to stay with the family, returned to the wild.

   It was especially painful for the children, who had been expecting another miracle to happen for Bryony, or at least a month until she would pass for real. Claudia, who hadn’t spent as much time with Bryony as the rest of the family, was very heartbroken over the matter.

   Brooke tried to take her mind off things by inventing with some scrap metals she had bought with her allowance; she was distracted, however, and somehow managed to set herself on fire. Between grief, pain, and embarrassment, it certainly was not shaping up to be a good day for Brooke Summers.

   “Brooke, what in the world is going on!?” Azalea cried out, rushing outside when she heard her daughter screaming for help. She grabbed the fire extinguisher that they kept handy by the chemistry table and proceeded to extinguish Brooke, all the while yelling for an explanation.
   “I was trying to make something!” Brooke yelled to make herself heard over the fire extinguisher; she ignored her mother snapping at her to keep her mouth shut because fire extinguishers were dangerous to inhale. “The metal caught fire and everything exploded!”
   After a while, the fire was out and Azalea looked at Brooke with displeasure (To be fair, Azalea rarely looked happy about anything in the days following her mother’s death and Brooke catching on fire was most likely not what she needed at the moment) before ordering her back to the house to get washed up.

   With Bryony gone and Azalea spending all her time in the house from her maternity leave, she spent quite a lot of time in the kitchen trying to cook up nutritious meals for her family; it was a very soothing and peaceful activity, and Azalea quite liked spending her time chopping away at the ingredients.
   “Mom, you should be on Master Chef or Hell’s Kitchen!” Claudia had exclaimed one night around a mouthful of stir-fry that Azalea had whipped together from leftovers in the fridge.
   “Don’t talk with your mouth full,” Stanley warned her automatically, though he was focused on scribbling down potential plot twists for one of his stories.
   Azalea tilted her head lightly in acknowledgment at Claudia’s compliment, though she sincerely doubted they would let someone with a criminal record on any of the shows.

   That night, Azalea went into labour and Stanley, although panicking something terrible, drove her to the hospital so Azalea could give birth in a clean environment.

   Azalea gave birth to yet another girl, named Lucia. Like Claudia and Brooke, Lucia was insane, but she was a very nice and friendly little girl all the same.

   Without Bryony in the house, Azalea made a conscious effort to spend a lot of time with Lucia so that the girl could have a possible female role model, as well as a maternal figure during the developmental years. It wasn’t as bad as Azalea had thought it would be. For one, Lucia didn’t cry and wail or anything appalling at that; she was a perfectly happy little girl and had let Azalea hold her ant toss her in the air without complaint. For another, she was easily tired out and spent most of her time sleeping, so Azalea rarely had to stay in the bright, cheerful nursery for too long.

   Stanley was the opposite of his wife; he absolutely adored Lucia and spent any time he could tickling her or teaching her skills. Lucia adored her father immensely and the feeling was mutual. In fact, Stanley had even ventured into the field of writing children’s books just so that he could have a copy at hand for when he read Lucia to sleep. (He had written a trilogy about a butterfly named Butters; it was well-received by the general public.)

   Claudia, who had always been secretly jealous of Avalon and Brooke’s easy but close friendship, had been delighted at the news of her new baby sister, and loved to spend time playing with Lucia. Avalon and Brooke were too busy to visit Lucia often, but Claudia made an effort to play peek-a-boo with Lucia at least once a day.
   “Claudy!” Lucia would exclaim, because she couldn’t yet say Claudia’s full name. Claudia didn’t mind; Avalon and Brooke rarely called her by a nickname, and she was pleasantly warmed by her new one.

  Avalon and Brooke were not negligent sisters, by any means; it was simply that they liked to play together more than they liked to play with Claudia. They claimed it was a ‘twins’ thing’ (they purposely avoided the subject that Claudia’s twin had been sent to boarding school without any one of them really getting to know Riley) and nothing personal. Claudia walked in on the two of them breaking in the new karaoke machine, singing an old Green Day song.
   “Want to join?” Avalon asked Claudia cheerily after the song ended while Brooke started to pick another.

   Claudia was delighted and eagerly stepped in; Avalon backed off to make room for her. The music started and Claudia saw on the screen that Brooke had chosen quite an obscure Hilary Duff song (Brooke was fascinated by the early 2000s after she bought an old Polly Pocket from the flea market and insisted on stuffing the karaoke machine with songs from that era). Claudia didn’t even know the tune or recognize the title but from the way Avalon was humming along Brooke’s caterwauling, she guessed that the twins listened to such music on their shared iPod.
   Feeling embarrassed, Claudia just gave the microphone to Avalon and hung back to watch them finish, before running off to the nursery so she could play with Lucia.

   That night, the family held a birthday party for Avalon and Brooke (Stanley’s birthday had been the night previous but they decided only to have a party for the girls, since Stanley insisted he was too old for a party). Azalea, unfortunately, was working a late-night shift at the warehouse and couldn’t be home in time.

   Brooke became quite over-emotional during her teen years, though any emotional outbursts she had were done in the privacy of her room (it wasn’t completely private since she was sharing it with Avalon, but Avalon didn’t like to spend time in the room).

   Avalon became a very lucky girl; she had always been one during elementary school, such as the times she would be the one to buy the last hamburger at the cafeteria, or the one who would manage to always buy the soda she wanted at the faulty vending machine that would spit out random cans (Brooke always wanted a 7-Up during lunch but the machine would always give her Pepsi, Coke, Barq’s Root Beer, Italian Soda or, on one memorable occasion, a warm bottle of the nastiest grape juice Avalon had ever tasted.) It made sense that her luck would extend to her teenage years.

   Azalea figured that they would need another unicorn so that the future Summers heir could have a Bonded as well, and so she borrowed a palomino stallion named Flash from one of her coworkers.

   Now that she finally could, Avalon went out, bought a bass, and started teaching herself to play using only the Internet and Youtube. The house was often filled with the sound of her playing, since Avalon usually played either out on the lawn or in the living room. Brooke was always annoyed whenever she was startled awake by the deep sound of the bass and after two arguments, Avalon agreed to leave the room whenever she needed to play.

   After the embarrassing incident during her childhood when she had caught on fire, Azalea had quite loudly proclaimed Brooke banned from the inventing table out of fear of it happening again. The ban was lifted after Brooke’s birthday and she jumped at the chance to finish the widget she had been working on before the unfortunate explosion. Stanley insisted on Brooke getting a part-time job so that she had some work experience; Brooke had been very interested in joining the shop club at school, and all the part-time jobs in the area were scheduled during shop club.
   It didn’t take long for Brooke to come up with a solution. She had heard from her mother about Aunt Nyra’s fishing job during high school. One phone call to the town hall later, and Brooke became a fledgling inventor.

   Wow that was a very bad ending but I didn’t want to write such long updates haha. There were some interesting developments Story Progression told me about but it didn’t fit in the story, so I’ll just stick them here. Nyra got married to Lindy Ursine, and the two of them have a daughter named Kristy. Clementine and Jamal were kicked out of the Summers spare house because apparently there was some disagreement between Jamal and Nyra, and the two of them have moved elsewhere.
   Both Avalon and Brooke ended up being lesbians and when I checked using Master Controller, it turns out that Claudia is one too. I’m all for gay marriage and all, but I don’t want my legacy to be filled with them. Avalon is still a lesbian but Brooke has been changed to bisexual, because I felt bad for completely altering her sexual orientation.


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  1. Oh wow, unicorns can save sims from death? I didn't know that! I know how you feel about the sexual orientation thing, it seems like all my sims end up homosexual or hetrosexual in a world. Of course I never have the heart to change them because I'm a sissy lol.