Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Generation 3 Heir Poll (?)

It was bound to happen that I mess up formatting. I forgot to split Chapter 2.5 so it's just this giant blob of text on the front page of my blog now, throwing all previous posts off balance, oh noooo. (EDIT: Wow I was complaining because last time I tried to edit a post from Blogger that I had made with Windows Live Writer, it became all screwy, but this time the editing went splendidly. So no one saw my big ugly post, thankfully)
I'm going to try and set up a poll on the blog to see who y'all think should be the heir for Generation 3. I have my own favourite so I will be casting my own vote into the poll. Multiples are allowed, in case you start liking another one as the story progresses.
I have narrowed down the contestants (?) to two Summers: Avalon and Lucia. Mainly because I am tired of having the purply hair Bryony had. 
So I have basically fleshed out two different paths the story can take:
   - She will represent the occult and creative side of the High Priestess
   - Marry either a GHOST or a GENIE
   - Join Ghost Hunter profession
   - She will represent the hidden issues, over-reliance on outside opinions, and individualism of the High Priestess
   - Marry a Vampire (Lance Engel, in this case)
   - Join Singer profession
I am personally voting for Lucia, because I have never played a Singer before and I've played plenty of Ghost Hunters. Also because I am worried I will never be able to breed out a Ghost or Genie gene, whereas I know for certain I can breed out Vampirism. 
Anyway, vote on the poll or vote here! Cheers!

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