Saturday, 16 March 2013

Summers is ALIVE!

I received an anon message on my Tumblr asking if the Summers Legacy was still alive at all. The question is:


The Summers file isn't corrupt or anything at all, either. Everything's fine, except that I had briefly lost interest in the story. The game is fine, but I was growing lazy about storytelling, since I wasn't even doing it the same way most storytellers do where they plan it in advance. I literally just play the game and shape the story around that, and it was becoming tiring after just one generation. I took a break with the Arden Legacy, as well as multiple personal ones. 

I've been working on the new chapter in between Arden updates, school, and my own writing job. Then I became really upset with Damian's death, which effectively killed any inspiration I had. I'm posting this in advance because of the YJ season/series finale, along with deadlines for school and with my literary agent, that I will be planning to have the new Summers update up by the end of April, at the very earliest. 

Kudos to people who still drop by the Summers! You guys have no idea how happy it's making me that so many people are still visiting the blog even though the last update was forever ago. I worry that when updates start up again, I might drop the storytelling aspect, but we'll have to see. 

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