Ever wanted your own Summers in your game? Well now you can! With the exception of Bryony, who is a Sims3Pack, all the Sims here are .SIM files; just place them in the SavedSims folder. They are all hosted on Mediafire (again with the exception of Bryony, who can be found on the official Exchange).
1) Please leave a comment either on this blog, my LJ, or on the official Summers Tarot Legacy thread if you are taking one of my Sims just so I know.
2) If you are a legacy/story writer and you are taking one of the Summers to be in your legacy/story, include a link when you take my Sim so I can go check it out.
3) PLEASE CREDIT ME IF YOU TAKE ONE OF MY SIMS. Changing hair or whatever is fine but please do not change their basic facial structures.
4) I do not remember my CC except for my default replacements (shady's for eyes, Lemonleaf for skin) so if you want to know where I got one of my CC, I might not be able to provide an answer.

Because 78 generations would take too much room and lag quite a bit, I have separated the downloads into separate posts for Major Arcana, Cups, Pentacles, Swords and Wands.

Download The Major Arcana

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