Summers Unicorns

 In Generation 1, the founder of the Summers line, Bryony Summers, came upon a majestic black stallion by the name of Thunder. Thunder was no ordinary horse, though... he was a unicorn! Through hard work and preservation, Bryony managed to befriend Thunder and convince him to join the Summers family.
 Perhaps influenced by his friend Bryony, Thunder too is the founder of his very own legacy of unicorns. They're known as the Summers Unicorn Herd and they have their own story to tell...

 Generation One
A wild black unicorn befriended by Bryony and eventually decided to join her family. Thunder is a brave, but somewhat noisy, stallion that likes to explore the city and interact with the Sims he meets. He is very assertive, having been the one to seek out horses from amongst the town. Bonded unicorn of Bryony Summers.

  Milly: A black-and-white mare that had been adopted by the Landgraabs several days before Thunder joined the Summers, Milly is very shy and never sought out Thunder herself before, preferring for him to visit her instead. When Milly and Thunder became mates, Milly joined the Summers herd to prevent the Landgraabs from selling off her unicorn foals.

Generation Two
A unicorn mare that is almost the exact replica of her mother, down to the blue-and-gray heterochromia. Heartwood is very friendly, a trait she must have picked up from Thunder, and is very proud of her speed. She developed a pyromaniac streak upon becoming the Bonded Unicorn of Azalea and the two often liked to spend time together setting houses and bushes on fire.